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Westward Whiskey and The Whisky Club have teamed up for a sell-out release

Westward Whiskey Muscat

Whiskey (whisky if you prefer) is often times a collectors item, and Westward Whiskey is quickly becoming the item every true aficionado has in their collection. They’ve now teamed up with The Whisky Club, the ultimate subscription for every whiskey lover, for a VERY limited release of Westward Whiskey’s Vintage Muscat Cask. This first for the distillery is a love-child years in the making with Australia’s own Rutherglen region, where they’ve taken muscat barrels from iconic Stanton and Killeen vineyard to age their all-American mash in. Westward has won many awards, including Double Gold in the 2021 San Francisco World Spirits Awards for their truly delicious Pinot Noir Cask, which is proof they’re a heavy-hitter in the whiskey market. Perhaps most inspiring though is the passion behind Westward. Westward’s legendary Master Blender, Miles Munroe flew out to speak at the launch and explained his ethos of believing “the future of whiskey is more interesting than its past”. A bold statement for a heritage product, but it’s clear to see the innovation coming out of new-age brewers who are being deliberately inefficient, trying new things and choosing flavour over volume. If you want to get your hands on one of these coveted bottles you’ll have to be quick as it’s sure to be a sell out range and it’s exclusively available through The Whisky Club as their December Whisky of the Month. The Whisky Club launched the Westward Rum Cask in 2021 to members and it was chosen by most as their winner for the year… Read More

Kentucky – The Heartland of Bourbon, Now Available in Australia


Once heralded as the capital of bourbon, Kentucky is renowned for housing 95% of the global bourbon production. Today, we are thrilled to announce the arrival of ‘The Wiseman‘, a distinguished Kentucky straight whiskey, now officially available to whisky enthusiasts in Australia. The Wiseman Bourbon is the brainchild of Master Blender John Rhea, a member of the revered Bourbon Hall of Fame with an illustrious 40-year career under his belt. Rhea returned from retirement to craft this extraordinary spirit, which tantalises the senses with a gentle touch of citrus coupled with an implicit whisper of oak. Receiving the illustrious Double Gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2022 and 2023, this bourbon boasts a captivating sweet caramel aroma with a warming hint of allspice, offering a beautiful balance of flavours in every sip. The Wiseman collection also extends to include ‘The Wiseman Rye’ – a whiskey with a vibrant personality. Bagging a Gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2022, this exceptional Kentucky straight rye whiskey is a testament to the craftsmanship and artistry of whiskey making. The rich and spicy nose emanates an inviting aroma of fresh rye bread, subtly offset by a hint of sweet caramel and cinnamon. Its audacious flavours fill the palate with a rich, full-bodied essence, enticing with every sip. At the core of these exceptional spirits is the legendary John Rhea. Following a decorated career, Rhea emerged from retirement in 2021 to channel his vast knowledge and expertise into The Wiseman and The Wiseman Rye…. Read More

Morris Whisky are back with a second release of their award winning liquid gold

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When you think whisky, does an Australian single malt spring to mind? Well it should, because locally produced Morris Whisky is winning all the awards for their Tokay Barrel whisky, and they’ve just dropped their second release. Morris’ Tokay Barrel is produced solely from Australian ingredients and is predominately matured in toasted French oak, before finishing in barrels that have held the award-winning 15-year-old Morris Cellar Reserve Grand Topaque. Tasty. The result is nothing like you’d imagine. Dismiss the ideas of a young whisky and instead be greeted by a luxe, mature drop that embodies the characteristic Rutherglen Topaquetastes of delicate fresh fruit and ripe muscadelle grapes, woven with creamy butterscotch and caramelised oak, finished off with an additional hint of toasted spice for subtle complexity. “We’re extremely proud to be able to release such a unique whisky that brings together our finest single malt with such a classic flavour of Australian winemaking heritage, and it’s an honour to receive so many accolades on the world stage so early on in our Australian Single Malt Whisky producing journey,” says Head Distiller Darren Peck. If Morris sounds familiar, yes this is the same group behind Morris Wines, and they’re going from strength to strength as they get ready to unveil their multi-million-dollar brand-new Rutherglen distillery in late 2023. The renovation brings together the world of wine and whisky in one home, so no matter who you do a tasting with, everyone leaves happy… although we argue, why leave when you have award winning wines and whiskies… Read More

The latest release from The Macallan is where coffee meets whisky

the macallan harmony whisky

Iconic whisky makers, The Macallan, are back with their second annual release of The Harmony Collection and this time the flavours are inspired by coffee. The Harmony Collection Inspired by Intense Arabica single malt whisky explores the intersection of coffee and whisky production and challenges even the most staunch whisky drinker to be creative and test their palate by pairing it with coffee. This limited edition whisky is a must try! The Harmony Collection is inspired by a deep connection to the natural world, which has been at the heart of The Macallan for nearly 200 years. Starting in 2021 with the release of Rich Cacao which offered indulgent chocolate flavour notes and incorporated discarded husks from cacao pods in the packaging.Sustainability and nature have been constants since The Macallan began crafting single malt whisky, and The Harmony Collection releases showcase this across different food industries. For their latest release, Inspired by Intense Arabica, The Macallan Whisky Maker Steven Bremner has created the distinct Ethiopian Arabica coffee bean flavour profile to playfully pair with coffee to unlock distinct flavour profiles. Steven says, “Exploring the world of coffee with our masters in the industry, who shared their knowledge, creativity, and love for their art, was both an education and an inspiration. There are many parallels between the approach to creating incomparable whisky and coffee. Each requires unique skills and craftsmanship to achieve depth and complexity of taste and both worlds aim to deliver an extraordinary consumption experience. Whisky Maker’s Notes:The Macallan Harmony Collection Inspired by Intense… Read More

The Macallan unveils first limited edition festive whisky

Macallan NOE mood 28 copy scaled

Extraordinary single malt whisky makers The Macallan, have launched their first limited edition whisky and it’s perfect for the festive season. The Macallan’s ‘A Night On Earth In Scotland’ single malt whisky, tells the story of Scotland’s world famous Hogmanay (AKA New Years Eve) festivities and embodies the joy of sharing special occasions with loved ones. For their first annual limited edition gifting series, A Night On Earth In Scotland, The Macallan has collaborated with acclaimed Japanese-French illustrator Erica Dorn, whose artwork has featured in leading director Wes Anderson’s films and across luxury brands globally, to create a bottle and packaging worthy of any collector. Presented as part of innovative multi-layered packaging that provides an exceptional unboxing experience, Erica Dorn’s playful abstract illustrations are inspired by the colours and rituals of New Year celebrations around the world, as well as distinctive customs of Scotland’s Hogmanay, including the tradition of first footing when it is good luck for a dark haired visitor to be the first person to enter your home after midnight, bearing symbolic gifts. The Macallan Lead Whisky Maker, Sarah Burgess, reveals they also drew on fond family memories of Hogmanay to create a rich, evocative single malt. She says:  “Crafting A Night On Earth In Scotland has been an extremely personal experience for me, which took me back to growing up in our family home in Speyside, just across the river from The Macallan Estate. The whisky’s vanilla sweetness references the rich Scottish shortbread traditionally gifted and eaten at Hogmanay, while notes of… Read More

Starward Whisky unveil their next limited release whisky


Off the back of a successful 2021 that saw Starward Whisky receive a Double Gold medal at the 2022 San Francisco World Spirits Competition for their limited release and included in the Top 10 Whiskies Overall at the International Whisky Competition, Starward ‘UnExpeated’, they’re back with their 2022 offering, ad ‘new world’ twist on a traditional, old-world whisky style: Starward Peated Finish. This hotly anticipated release is an 18-month red wine barrel aged, single malt whisky, finished in peated whisky barrels straight off the rugged coast of Islay, Scotland. For those lucky enough to score a bottle, they can sip and enjoy Starward’s quintessential tropical notes melded with the smoky and earthy flavours from Islay’s coastal peat. These peaty characteristics combined with their delicious single malt create a whisky unlike any other in Australia. Unmistakably delicious on its own, mixed in a cocktail or paired with some fresh oysters, a smoky beef brisket or an oozy chocolate lava cake. Commenting on this latest release is Starward’s Founder, David Vitale; “When we sourced these barrels from the coasts of Islay, we knew we had something special on our hands. Peated Finish, for us, represents the old and new world coming together. We wanted to honour the charred and smoky notes from these peated barrels, while also putting our Starward flare on things with our red wine barrel aged whisky, which is fruitier and more tropical in flavour. Finishing our single malt whisky in the peated barrels for 18 months allowed the spirit to develop a richer… Read More

Drinks of Fire & Ice: Johnnie Walker is keeping GoT living


The finale might come and come (and left a tonne of questions unanswered in its wake), but Johnnie Walker isn’t letting it go that easily. The whisky man has made two new batches, the Johnnie Walker A Song of Ice and A Song of Fire, available since October. The new whiskies are inspired by the two great Houses who face off in the final series of Game of Thrones – House Stark, represented by the fearsome Direwolf, and House Targaryen, represented by the fire-breathing Dragon. Johnnie Walker is calling on Game of Thrones fans to declare their allegiance, Stark or Targaryen, Direwolf or Dragon. Whether it’s fire you desire or you have ice in your veins, Johnnie Walker has a Game of Thrones whisky for you. Fever obviously takes a while to die down in the UK – German Gymnasium have just intro’d a new range of cocktails in the show’s honour, too! A Song of Ice has a crisp, clean taste inspired by the unforgiving, sharp Winterfell terrain and the freezing ice that shapes its mountains and stops its rivers. Meanwhile, A Song of Fire boasts flavours of subtle smoke from the peated malts of the Caol Ila distillery. Synonymous with the House in which it hails from A Song of Fire’s full-bodied flavour delivers subtle red fruit, a sweet smoke and a hint of spice like those laden in the markets of Meereen Johnnie Walker A Song of Ice and A Song of Fire will both be available in October 2019 until supplies last with an SRP: Available from liquor stores nationwide from late October. $69.99 for 700ml.

The new whisky you need: Allt A Bhainne

Glass of Whiskey with Ice

Allt-A-Bhainne, the latest whisky release is shaking-up the single malt category by mixing the smokiness of peat with the fruity sweetness of the Speyside region in Scotland.  Complete with a pretty, tube-like bottle, it’s as striking as it is delicious, with a tonne of history behind it to-boot.  Established in 1975, an era of punks, mods and breaking with convention, the Allt-A-Bhainne distillery is truly a product of its time. It is liberated, open and original – and those who have visited can testify that it’s a place for whisky-making, not picture-taking. The new drop tastes a nice mix of citrus fruits, sweet orange and ripe melon, toasted marshmallows, smoke and gentle peaty flavours. Allt-A-Bhainne is now available in Australia, at an RRP of $80. Get it here. 

Bushmills and nel. celebrate a perfect partnership

Bushmills nel 1

Let’s be honest: there are a lot of forgettable drinks out there. The house spirits you drink at the local pub when you can’t face downing another sour red wine, the mysterious-looking amber liquid you’re passed at a house party that might be whiskey but also might be rum…we’ve all had our fair share of dodgy tipples. Bushmills Irish Whiskey, thankfully, is not one of those drinks. It’s not even in the same neighbourhood. Over a six-course dinner at nel. in Surry Hills, we were invited to try four expressions of the Bushmills range: The Bushmills Black Bush, and the 10-, 16-, and 21-year old single malts. While we can’t say that these are the kind of dishes you’re likely to recreate on a cruisey night at home – beetroot crème brulee with vinegar popcorn was a standout, as was the banoffee pie with banana-flavoured sand – the flavours are going to stick with you long after the experience of eating a savoury crème brulee out of a petrie dish will disappear. The Black Bush blend contains malt whiskey blended with batch-distilled grain whiskey, creating a fruity and intense character with plenty of smoothness. It’s easily drinkable but still feels special enough to be served up on an occasion, which is exactly what you want out of a good whiskey, if you ask us. The Single Malt expressions are just as more-ish, with flavours progressing from chocolate to dried fruit depending on the age of the bottle (the ten-year is apparently delicious when served frozen!)…. Read More

Grant’s have released a new Triple Wood whisky perfect for the everyday scotch drinker

Grants triple wood whisky 2

Grant’s – Australia’s number two Scotch of choice – have utilised a unique whisky production process, combining three distinct casks to create a smooth blended whisky for the modern Australian scotch consumer. Casks of Virgin Oak, American Oak, and Refill Bourbon come together to create Grant’s Triple Wood, a smooth, mellow whisky with a hint of vanilla. It’s a versatile spirit, enough to work with four flavour categories of cocktail you wouldn’t have thought: espresso martinis, sweet ‘n’ sour, maple old fashioned, and a fruity tall treacle. Grant’s Triple Wood aims to showcase the diverse flavour palate offered by a blended whisky as opposed to a single malt, with Justin Strzadala saying “there’s a lot more to its story than [Australian scotch drinkers] think, both in terms of how it’s made and the flavour profiles.” A blended scotch whisky can have a multifaceted flavour profile, with its unique production process lending it multiple layers of flavour and mouth feel. Each component whisky brings a distinct characteristic to the blend, seamlessly merging together to create an inimitable Scotch. Master Blender and Malt Master at William Grant & Sons, Brian Kinsman, breaks the flavour palate down for us, “The Triple Wood process is at the very heart of what we create here at Grant’s. As a result of ageing our whiskies in three different casks, Virgin Oak which provides spicy robustness, American Oak lending subtle vanilla smoothness and Refill Bourbon bringing brown sugar sweetness, it is distinctive to taste and there is a balance of qualities drawn… Read More