Grant’s have released a new Triple Wood whisky perfect for the everyday scotch drinker

Grants triple wood whisky 2

Grant’s – Australia’s number two Scotch of choice – have utilised a unique whisky production process, combining three distinct casks to create a smooth blended whisky for the modern Australian scotch consumer.

Casks of Virgin Oak, American Oak, and Refill Bourbon come together to create Grant’s Triple Wood, a smooth, mellow whisky with a hint of vanilla.

It’s a versatile spirit, enough to work with four flavour categories of cocktail you wouldn’t have thought: espresso martinis, sweet ‘n’ sour, maple old fashioned, and a fruity tall treacle.

Grants triple wood whisky 1

Grant’s Triple Wood aims to showcase the diverse flavour palate offered by a blended whisky as opposed to a single malt, with Justin Strzadala saying “there’s a lot more to its story than [Australian scotch drinkers] think, both in terms of how it’s made and the flavour profiles.” A blended scotch whisky can have a multifaceted flavour profile, with its unique production process lending it multiple layers of flavour and mouth feel. Each component whisky brings a distinct characteristic to the blend, seamlessly merging together to create an inimitable Scotch.

Master Blender and Malt Master at William Grant & Sons, Brian Kinsman, breaks the flavour palate down for us, “The Triple Wood process is at the very heart of what we create here at Grant’s. As a result of ageing our whiskies in three different casks, Virgin Oak which provides spicy robustness, American Oak lending subtle vanilla smoothness and Refill Bourbon bringing brown sugar sweetness, it is distinctive to taste and there is a balance of qualities drawn from the character of the wood.”

The newly released Triple Wood continues to pay homage to Grant’s traditional whisky production process; for the past 130 years, Grant’s has used the same formula, with 60% of its flavour being drawn from cask influence, rather than being aged in a single type of cask.

Ditch your preconceived notions of blended whisky and check out Grant’s Triple Wood here.

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