Starward Whisky unveil their next limited release whisky


Off the back of a successful 2021 that saw Starward Whisky receive a Double Gold medal at the 2022 San Francisco World Spirits Competition for their limited release and included in the Top 10 Whiskies Overall at the International Whisky Competition, Starward ‘UnExpeated’, they’re back with their 2022 offering, ad ‘new world’ twist on a traditional, old-world whisky style: Starward Peated Finish.

This hotly anticipated release is an 18-month red wine barrel aged, single malt whisky, finished in peated whisky barrels straight off the rugged coast of Islay, Scotland. For those lucky enough to score a bottle, they can sip and enjoy Starward’s quintessential tropical notes melded with the smoky and earthy flavours from Islay’s coastal peat. These peaty characteristics combined with their delicious single malt create a whisky unlike any other in Australia. Unmistakably delicious on its own, mixed in a cocktail or paired with some fresh oysters, a smoky beef brisket or an oozy chocolate lava cake.

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Commenting on this latest release is Starward’s Founder, David Vitale; “When we sourced these barrels from the coasts of Islay, we knew we had something special on our hands. Peated Finish, for us, represents the old and new world coming together. We wanted to honour the charred and smoky notes from these peated barrels, while also putting our Starward flare on things with our red wine barrel aged whisky, which is fruitier and more tropical in flavour. Finishing our single malt whisky in the peated barrels for 18 months allowed the spirit to develop a richer and deeper smokiness. In harmony with our tropical notes, this created a perfectly balanced whisky that pays tribute to the journey of these Islay barrels while still being versatile and approachable enough for everyone to enjoy it how they like.”

Due to the hype around the first release, Starward are offering a pre-sale from July 19th.  Those who buy the 1,500 bottles available during pre-sale will receive a Limited Edition Peated Finish Dropper. Filled with their Peated Finish whisky, this 30mL dropper adds a hint of smoky and peaty goodness to any dish of your liking. A couple of drops on freshly shucked oysters or atop some truffle cheese, it’s another way to experience whisky. Check out the pre-sale here.

If you miss out on pre-sale, fear not, Peated Finish will be available to the general public from August 2nd, but be warned, once this limited release is gone, it’s gone for good.