Morris Whisky are back with a second release of their award winning liquid gold

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When you think whisky, does an Australian single malt spring to mind? Well it should, because locally produced Morris Whisky is winning all the awards for their Tokay Barrel whisky, and they’ve just dropped their second release.

Morris’ Tokay Barrel is produced solely from Australian ingredients and is predominately matured in toasted French oak, before finishing in barrels that have held the award-winning 15-
year-old Morris Cellar Reserve Grand Topaque. Tasty.

The result is nothing like you’d imagine. Dismiss the ideas of a young whisky and instead be greeted by a luxe, mature drop that embodies the characteristic Rutherglen Topaque
tastes of delicate fresh fruit and ripe muscadelle grapes, woven with creamy butterscotch and caramelised oak, finished off with an additional hint of toasted spice for subtle complexity.

“We’re extremely proud to be able to release such a unique whisky that brings together our finest single malt with such a classic flavour of Australian winemaking heritage, and it’s an honour to receive so many accolades on the world stage so early on in our Australian Single Malt Whisky producing journey,” says Head Distiller Darren Peck.

If Morris sounds familiar, yes this is the same group behind Morris Wines, and they’re going from strength to strength as they get ready to unveil their multi-million-dollar brand-new Rutherglen distillery in late 2023. The renovation brings together the world of wine and whisky in one home, so no matter who you do a tasting with, everyone leaves happy… although we argue, why leave when you have award winning wines and whiskies under one roof.

Morris Tokay Barrel Whisky has won a slew of awards, including Platinum in the SIP Awards 2023, Gold in the International Spirits Challenge 2023, Gold in the World Whisky Masters (Spirits Bus. Mag) 2022, Gold in the Australian Distilled Spirits Awards 2022, Gold in the World Whisky Masters (Spirits Bus. Mag’) 2021, and Double Gold in the coveted San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2022. Wild, considering 2023 isn’t even over and they’ve already taken home two titles.

Pick yourself or a very loved one up a bottle of the prestigious whisky directly from Morris Whisky.