Westward Whiskey and The Whisky Club have teamed up for a sell-out release

Westward Whiskey Muscat

Whiskey (whisky if you prefer) is often times a collectors item, and Westward Whiskey is quickly becoming the item every true aficionado has in their collection. They’ve now teamed up with The Whisky Club, the ultimate subscription for every whiskey lover, for a VERY limited release of Westward Whiskey’s Vintage Muscat Cask.

This first for the distillery is a love-child years in the making with Australia’s own Rutherglen region, where they’ve taken muscat barrels from iconic Stanton and Killeen vineyard to age their all-American mash in. Westward has won many awards, including Double Gold in the 2021 San Francisco World Spirits Awards for their truly delicious Pinot Noir Cask, which is proof they’re a heavy-hitter in the whiskey market.

Perhaps most inspiring though is the passion behind Westward. Westward’s legendary Master Blender, Miles Munroe flew out to speak at the launch and explained his ethos of believing “the future of whiskey is more interesting than its past”. A bold statement for a heritage product, but it’s clear to see the innovation coming out of new-age brewers who are being deliberately inefficient, trying new things and choosing flavour over volume.

Westward Muscat Pour

If you want to get your hands on one of these coveted bottles you’ll have to be quick as it’s sure to be a sell out range and it’s exclusively available through The Whisky Club as their December Whisky of the Month. The Whisky Club launched the Westward Rum Cask in 2021 to members and it was chosen by most as their winner for the year of all the whiskeys. It was so popular this still get emails about it today from people begging for a taste. So yes, this one won’t stick around for long!

You can sign up for free (yes, free! You only pay for the bottles you choose, when you choose) here.