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Good self-care starts with locally made, ethical and sustainable brand ‘Peggy Sue’

Peggy Sue Lip Care

There’s so much to love about organic skincare brand Peggy Sue. Sustainable, ethical, natural, Australian made and owned – it ticks all the boxes for those seeking a more eco-friendly, plant-based alternative without the inflated price tag.  The gorgeous Peggy Sue range is paraben-free, petroleum-free, sulphate-free, palm oil-free, silicone-free and has no artificial colours or fragrances. No nasties, just the really good stuff! Based on the NSW South Coast, Peggy Sue founders Alysha and Shanah created their beautiful brand to help us ‘slow things down with meaningful moments of self-care’, while caring for the earth together. And when coping with adversity like many of us have over the last six months during the health crisis, it’s more important than ever that we continue to care for those around us and more importantly, ourselves.  Self-care matters, so what better way to take care of yourself than by adopting a daily ‘me time’ regime, using quality products that enhance your mental and physical well-being and knowing that you’re doing it responsibly. Go you!  Pucker up, Sugar Lips! 95% of Peggy Sue’s range can be refilled, which reduces their carbon footprint and breaks the consume-and-discard cycle. Take for example the organic Lip Conditioner (RRP $14) that is housed in a gorgeous bamboo twist tube. Once you’re down to your last few applications, jump online and simply re-order a refill for $12.  The key ingredients in the Lip Conditioner are organic beeswax, organic shea butter, fractionated coconut oil, organic olive oil, natural vitamin E and vanilla oil.  If you… Read More

Forget Friday, I’ve got Monday Distillery on my mind…

Monday Distillery

With Monday Distillery launching their sophisticated, non-alcoholic beverage range in time for Dry July, there’s no need to feel guilty any longer about enjoying a refreshing G&T on a school night. Gone are the days when you have to wait for Friday (virtual) drinks to quench your thirst with your favourite G&T bursting with refreshing botanicals.  With many discovering healthy alternatives during iso and turning to non-alcohol alternatives, Monday Distillery’s offerings have come at a very good time. With fun choices such as the G&T Classic mix with rosemary, seasalt and other botanicals and the G&T Exotic Spice mix with selected spice and botanicals, what’s not to love!  There are no artificial additives or flavours in the G&T range, and it’s also sugar and gluten-free. Refreshingly carbonated, Monday Distillery is naturally sweetened with stevia and has subtle hints of natural bitters such as quinine and cinchona bark.  Beautifully presented, the four-pack gift box also makes a great gift idea for your health conscious friends and family members. When organising a gathering at yours, it’s also a nice offering for the designated drivers who are yearning for a chilled, G&T in an old fashioned crystal glass with a sprig of rosemary. How very civilised!  If you’re more of a whiskey or vodka type looking for an alcohol-free alternative, the good news, it’s in the pipeline, with ‘whiskey without the wobbles’ and ‘vodka without the vengeance’ coming soon. Watch this space! A full list of Monday Distillery stockists can be found here.  Cheers!

The gin to have when you’re not having a gin

CEDERS alt gin

With mindful March just around the corner, there are those who are trying to be a little healthier and more balanced by reducing their alcohol intake for the month. Then are those who are giving up alcohol all together for a variety of reasons. And then there are those good, responsible humans who regularly nominate themselves as ‘designated drivers’ (you know who you are). But just because you’ve decided it’s time to cut out the alcohol, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a cool, refreshing G&T bursting with your favourite botanicals, garnished with a slice of lime.  Now that we have your attention, let’s talk about the hottest, grown-up, non-alcoholic gin alternative on the market – CEDER’S. Yes, it’s so boss, even the name of the alt-gin is all uppercase.  Produced in Sweden, CEDER’S is a distilled, non-alcoholic alt-gin created using pristine Swedish water, and rare South African and classic gin botanicals. Two of the three varieties are now available in Australia – CEDER’S Classic and CEDER’S Wild. CEDER’S Crisp is the third variety featured on the website but is not yet available in Australia.  Botanicals used to create the alt-gin include juniper, coriander, lavender, geranium, buchu, rooibos, grapefruit, ginger and clove. The result is a beautifully created alt-gin with all the traditional characters of an alcohol-based gin, without the consequences.  The ‘classic’ variety is described as floral and balanced while the ‘wild’ is spicy and intriguing. It’s best served in a gorgeous glass with a good quality tonic and a twist of your favourite fruit… Read More

Putting your health and wellbeing first: Kicking addiction to the curb

Cigarette smoke smoking

The word addiction is regularly used with a negative connotation attached. This labels a person as being at the mercy of a thing, substance, program, activity at the expense of his or her own family life, health, wellbeing, finances. Whatever your addiction is, it’s personal to you, and if you choose to share your problems with others, that’s your choice, but, the number one most important person that can help you right now to do anything…is you. Realisation You’ve already achieved the first step because you are reading this post – it’s realising you have an addiction. For example, knowing and admitting to yourself that your chain-smoking has become out of control and is affecting your health, relationships, and finances show that you have a good sense of self-awareness and are interested in kicking your addiction aside. Reason Before setting goals, what is the real reason behind wanting to put a halt to your addiction? And dig deep. Your why is what will give you the willpower to struggle through when you’re beginning to have cravings. It’s what will reason you out of spiralling out of control. Whether you’re in debt because of buying expensive substances and need to stop or risk losing your home, or your addiction is ruining your relationship with someone you care about and so you urgently want to seek porn addiction counselling, or perhaps you’re concerned about the impact your addiction to technology is having on your children. Everyone has a reason to get them to do or not to… Read More