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Mirabeau Rosé gin-inspired cocktails to help kick off spring

Mirabeau gin

Maison Mirabeau had its beginnings in the rosé wine space in 2011, with the launch of the company’s first Mirabeau Classic wine. The following year, it made its mark in the USA, Canada, Holland and Germany and Mirabeau Classic was rated by UK wine critics as a top 3 rosé from Provence in France.  Fast forward to 2022 and Stephen Cronk, founder of Mirabeau explains how Mirabeau added gin to their repertoire.  “We’ve always been big gin fans. My wife and I were gin drinkers back home in the UK. A friend of ours, who was trained as a sommelier, living in Provence – which is the home of perfume – kept saying to us, we should make gin. I didn’t know how to make that leap from winemaking to gin-making, but then we discovered all the grape skins that we had pressed through our wine were being used to make a neutral grape spirit.”  From here, Stephen and his wife Jeany went on to develop a gin using grape spirit as a base with botanicals from the Riviera. What makes this gin stand out from the rest?  Unlike others in the growing pink gin category, Mirabeau Dry Rosé Gin is a grape-based spirit, made from upcycled grape skins after they have been pressed during the winemaking process.  Stephen says Mirabeau Gin stands out because it’s unique. “Not only is it made of grape spirit, but it’s also infused with a rosy wine.” The gin also has a wonderful Provence Rosé element to it, as… Read More

The ultimate Japanese culinary and KI NO BI gin experience at Sake Melbourne

KINOBIGIN SakeLaunch StevenWoodburn 25

World Gin Day is just around the corner. And what better way to celebrate than treating yourself to an intimate tasting experience at Sake that includes a spectacular six-course dinner accompanied by KI NO BI gin cocktails and tastings! The ‘6 Elements’ dinners will take place in Sydney and Melbourne and will deliver the ultimate culinary experience for lovers of gin and Japanese cuisine alike. The ‘6 Elements’ dinners are inspired by KI NO BI’s intricate production process, where botanicals are divided into six different categories, known as the 6 Elements, steeped in rice spirit, and then distilled individually. Produced in Kyoto, KI NO BI gin is distilled with Japanese botanicals, grouped by flavour to create the six elements which are macerated and distilled separately, before being blended with Fushimi water.   The 6 Elements that make up the dry style of gin KI NO BI is renowned for are Base, Citrus, Tea, Herbal, Spice and Fruity & Floral, which are then blended to create the distinctive KI NO BI flavours. As most gin lovers would appreciate, water is a vital ingredient of this popular spirit, as it makes up more than 50% of the liquid inside every bottle. The KI NO BI distillery is located close to the famous sake-producing area of Fushimi, south of Kyoto city. The name “Fushimi” comes from the Japanese words for “hidden” or “underground” and “water”, and Fushimi water is renowned for its purity, softness and flavour. In addition to the pureness provided by the Fushimi water, quality ingredients… Read More

Exotic Peddlers Rare Shanghai Gin lands in Australia

Peddlers Rare Shanghai GIn

Exotic and crisp, Peddlers Rare Shanghai Gin is now officially available in Australia. With a fusion of 11 rare botanicals, this award-winning craft gin emerged from Shanghai after five years of masterful experimenting, which resulted in the perfect balance of organic botanicals that include Sichuan Pepper, Buddha’s Hand, Lotus Flower, Chinese Mint, Guangdong Liquorice, and Coriander Seeds. Peddlers Rare Shanghai Gin has been awarded Silver at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, and Gold at the Chine Wine Spirits Award. And it’s proving to be quite a hit in some of the local favourites, making appearances at the more voguish venues across the nation, including the likes of Melbourne’s Kisume, Chin Chin, and Hawker Hall, and Sydney’s PS40, Mr Wong’s and Mrs G’s.  For something a little different to its European cousins, gin lovers will fall in love with Peddlers Rare Shanghai Gin’s Eastern influence. “A little over five years ago, we embarked on this wild journey to create China’s first craft gin. Since launch, the industry support and public uptake has been phenomenal, and I’m thrilled we can now bring Peddlers Gin to Australia. It’s like nothing you’ve tasted before – powerful and earthy. Perfectly paired with tonic, Peddlers also makes for an exceptional negroni or martini. Ultimately, it’s a gin that’s going to give your drink a real kick”, says founding member of Peddlers, Ryan McLeod. Peddlers Rare Shanghai Gin is now available for RRP $88.00 at leading retailers including First Choice Liquor, Vintage Cellars, Dan Murphy’s, and where all good spirits are… Read More

The West Winds Wild Plum Gin 2020 early release has us drooling with excitement

West Winds Gin Wild Plum_2020

With the West Winds Wild Plum Gin 2019 vintage a sell-out, it’s clear Australia’s love affair with gin is far from over. In fact, the award-winning distillery has brought forward the date for its 2020 release. Hallelujah!  Located in the gorgeous Margaret River region in Western Australia, the distillery uses native Davidson plums and Tasmanian sloe berries to create this very popular drop. This particular gin scooped five gold medals at the 2020 International Wine & Spirits Competition; the World Gin Masters 2020; the World Gin Awards 2020; the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2020 as well as the Australian Gin Awards in November 2019, making it unequivocally Australia’s most awarded flavoured gin. If you love a gin with tart plum, zesty citrus and warm sweetness, then this is definitely the gin for you. In addition to the tart finish from the Davidson plums, you’ll discover a cosy sweetness thanks to banksia honey and the sloe berries, all perfectly balanced out with robust citrus notes. Established in 2010, The West Winds gin distillery is a true pioneer in Australian craft spirit production. Always pushing the boundaries, the distillery places an emphasis on product development and innovation. But don’t just take our word for it! Here’s a delicious cocktail recipe to get you started.  Wild Plum Fizz – 50ml The West Winds Wild Plum Gin – 20ml fresh lemon – 20ml sugar syrup – White of one egg – Soda Step 1: Add all but soda to cocktail tin with one cube of ice and shake. … Read More

Flavoured gin liqueurs are tipped to be the next big gin lover’s obsession

Grenall's Gin

Once upon a time, G&Ts were the drink of choice for older members of the family (think, Grandma) but over the last few years, we’ve watched the world reignite its explosive love affair with gin and now Grandma is looking pretty cool and way ahead of her time.  And there’s no sign of the gin revolution slowing down with one of Britain’s’ oldest distillers, Greenall’s, introducing two fruity flavored gin liqueurs that are guaranteed to entice established and new to gin drinkers to try something a little different.  Greenall’s Green Apple and Hibiscus Gin Liqueur: A modern flavour profile, this liqueur perfectly balances the crisp green apple, which is synonymous with English summers, with the sweet-sour tanginess of hibiscus.  Greenall’s Blood Orange, Fig and Ginger Gin Liqueur: Balancing the intense blood orange with the luscious sweetness of fig and the zest spiciness of ginger, this liqueur offers new gin consumers a taste of gin with modern and appealing, complementary flavours. The new liqueur-style gins are designed to be served with soda water; on the rocks; or with sparkling wine, adding a fruity twist to champagne cocktails. The liqueurs are only 20% alcohol as opposed to the Original London Dry Gin which is 37.50% alcohol. The Blood Orange liqueur is available for your drinking pleasure at Dan Murphy’s ($33.99) and select BWS stores ($35). At this stage, the Green Apple liqueur is only available at Dan Murphy’s. Greenall’s Green Apple Collins 50ml Greenall’s Green Apple and Hibiscus Liqueur 25ml fresh lemon juice Soda water Mint garnish… Read More

Raise your glass on World Gin Day with Bass & Flinders Distillery’s latest gin releases

Bass and Flinders gin

Tomorrow is World Gin Day (13 June), so you may want to raise your glass to this very important day for gin lovers with a splash of Bass & Flinders Distillery’s newest offerings – their Orient Gin and Maritime Gin. Located in the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, this Victorian distillery was born in 2009. Taking inspiration from their surroundings, Bass & Flinders products embody the true holiday nature of the peninsula. The Maritime Gin is a nod to the local area, inspired by the Mornington Peninsula itself where crisp, salty air meets the eucalypt and wine-grown hinterland. A lovely mix of locally foraged kelp, samphire and locally harvested vine leaves have been incorporated into the Maritime Gin, creating a profile that compliments the dry juniper.   It also pairs seamlessly with the coastal saltbush, lemon myrtle and currant bush to provide a depth of flavour reminiscent of the Australian coastline bush. For something a little more racy, you may prefer the flavours of the Orient Gin. This tangy little number draws inspiration from the heritage of the family-owned distillery and highlights Australia’s love affair with Eastern flavours.  With every sip, you’ll enjoy flavours of sweet mandarin, native strawberry gum and kaffir lime leaf, balancing the dry juniper notes. Both gins retail for $78 (700ml bottles) and can be purchased directly from the website. Don’t forget to pair it with a top-notch tonic! 

The gin to have when you’re not having a gin

CEDERS alt gin

With mindful March just around the corner, there are those who are trying to be a little healthier and more balanced by reducing their alcohol intake for the month. Then are those who are giving up alcohol all together for a variety of reasons. And then there are those good, responsible humans who regularly nominate themselves as ‘designated drivers’ (you know who you are). But just because you’ve decided it’s time to cut out the alcohol, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a cool, refreshing G&T bursting with your favourite botanicals, garnished with a slice of lime.  Now that we have your attention, let’s talk about the hottest, grown-up, non-alcoholic gin alternative on the market – CEDER’S. Yes, it’s so boss, even the name of the alt-gin is all uppercase.  Produced in Sweden, CEDER’S is a distilled, non-alcoholic alt-gin created using pristine Swedish water, and rare South African and classic gin botanicals. Two of the three varieties are now available in Australia – CEDER’S Classic and CEDER’S Wild. CEDER’S Crisp is the third variety featured on the website but is not yet available in Australia.  Botanicals used to create the alt-gin include juniper, coriander, lavender, geranium, buchu, rooibos, grapefruit, ginger and clove. The result is a beautifully created alt-gin with all the traditional characters of an alcohol-based gin, without the consequences.  The ‘classic’ variety is described as floral and balanced while the ‘wild’ is spicy and intriguing. It’s best served in a gorgeous glass with a good quality tonic and a twist of your favourite fruit… Read More

Drinks in London: World Gin Day takes over the city

Gin cocktail

The Botanist Gin is making an interactive map to guide you seamlessly around London, from bar-to-bar, in your quest for a decent drink. It’s all part of World Gin Day that’s taking over the city, encouraging people to embark on a foraging trail with The Botanist gin to ease their gin-related woes. It’s all happening on 8 June and will see heaps of bars around London participate to serve up the b’loved beverage. Bars like Boisdale of Belgravia, Opium, The Blind Pig, The Shrub and Shutter, The Little Yellow Door, Le Pont de la Tour and Jin Bo Law Skybar will offer foraged gin-based cocktails have worked with The Botanist to create a map to guide Londoners on their perfect gin quest to celebrate World Gin Day.  Here’s what’s on offer. Boisdale of Belgravia: enjoy exclusive foraged cocktails in the specially created The Botanist Garden and upstairs terrace, where you can sip on their specialty Ugly Betty cocktail amongst the glorious greenery. The Little Yellow Door: wake up with The Hangover, a quirky breakfast cocktail made with The Botanist Gin, elderflower, egg white, and chlorophyll, served in a coupette with mint and chlorophyll perfume.  The Blind Pig: they’re serving up the Queen Bee libation. The cocktail, a gloriously creamy concoction, features The Botanist Gin mixed with mead, honey liqueur, New Forest syrup, cream, citrus and egg white. One for the White Russian lovers.  And there’s more! Head over to see the map by The Botanist here, and get responsibly drinking from 5-9 June.

Beyond Cinema are hosting a Baz Luhrmann-inspired Great Gatsby shindig at Curzon Hall Sydney

Gatsby 2

Think iconic Sydney mansion, immersive acting performances, live music, fireworks, jazz, swing, burlesque, the Charleston and the finest Tanqueray gin. Just like a party from the hit Great Gatsby movie with all the bell ‘n’ whistles the Beyond Cinema ‘The Great Gatsby’ party is taking place on 19 August in Sydney and everyone is invited (if you get a ticket). You can grab tickets for yourself right here, but it mostly involves enjoying a three-course meal at the dining table in Gatsby’s Grand Dining Hall with plenty of Tanqueray gin cocktails, Gatsby glamour and mobster bootlegging as you fancy. What a gas. It’s going to be on heck of an opulent affair, as the realisation of Baz Luhrmann’s stunning take on the movie come to actual life around you. The party will star three new gin bars from Tanqueray, offer you the chance to see and be seen at the central Tanqueray bar in Gatsby’s Dining Hall, drink Tanqueray Gin Fresh Apple Martinis, or find yourself sipping on a Tanqueray Signature Gin & Tonic at one of two outdoor bars set in Curzon Hall’s meticulous landscaped garden surrounds. You can even see how they mixed moonshine back then with New Jersey mob at the Speak Easy – a cellar-based prohibition-style bar below the grand banquet hall. Now the ultimate question… Will you see Baz? Clearly you have to find out. Beyond Cinema and Tanqueray Present: The Great Gatsby Sun, Aug 19, 2018, 7:00 PM – Mon, Aug 20, 2018, 10:30 PM AEST 53 Agincourt Road Marsfield, NSW… Read More

Get cheap drinks at Gin Lane for World Gin Day this Saturday

Gin Lane light bulb moment cocktail

If there was ever a bar any drinker – let alone a gin drinker – needs to go to, it’s Gin Lane on Kensington Street in Chippendale. Not only is it the ideal destination for any flatteringly mood-lit date night, but in honour of World Gin Day this week, it’s serving-up some cheap bevs for everything for a specially extended 7-hour ‘happy hour’ from 12-7pm this Saturday. Gin Lane Classic G&T’s – The Cucumber G&T and Spiced G&T will be on offer for half the going rate (at $7 each) to celebrate. Additionally, they will be launching a brand new show-stopping drink, The Lightbulb Moment (pic above) served in a light bulb and charged with prosecco and liquid nitrogen, a secret they’ve been working on especially. Check out more over here.