The gin to have when you’re not having a gin

CEDERS alt gin

With mindful March just around the corner, there are those who are trying to be a little healthier and more balanced by reducing their alcohol intake for the month. Then are those who are giving up alcohol all together for a variety of reasons. And then there are those good, responsible humans who regularly nominate themselves as ‘designated drivers’ (you know who you are).

But just because you’ve decided it’s time to cut out the alcohol, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a cool, refreshing G&T bursting with your favourite botanicals, garnished with a slice of lime. 

Now that we have your attention, let’s talk about the hottest, grown-up, non-alcoholic gin alternative on the market – CEDER’S. Yes, it’s so boss, even the name of the alt-gin is all uppercase. 

Produced in Sweden, CEDER’S is a distilled, non-alcoholic alt-gin created using pristine Swedish water, and rare South African and classic gin botanicals. Two of the three varieties are now available in Australia – CEDER’S Classic and CEDER’S Wild. CEDER’S Crisp is the third variety featured on the website but is not yet available in Australia. 

Botanicals used to create the alt-gin include juniper, coriander, lavender, geranium, buchu, rooibos, grapefruit, ginger and clove. The result is a beautifully created alt-gin with all the traditional characters of an alcohol-based gin, without the consequences. 

The ‘classic’ variety is described as floral and balanced while the ‘wild’ is spicy and intriguing.

It’s best served in a gorgeous glass with a good quality tonic and a twist of your favourite fruit or a sliver of cucumber.

To get you started, why not try this refreshing alt-gin cocktail, aptly named ‘Disarmed 75’


  • 50ml CEDER’S Classic alt-gin
  • 10ml lemon juice
  • 10ml sugar syrup
  • Top with sparkling white grape juice


  1. Shake all ingredients (except sparkling grape juice) with ice cubes and strain into a chilled flute
  2. Top with sparkling grape juice and stir gently to combine. 
  3. Garnish with a lemon twist and a cocktail cherry on a cocktail stick. 
  4. Enjoy
  5. Repeat!
Ceders 25.2.20 ©EstebanLaTessa 46