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La Traviata is back! But not like you remember

La Traviata Brindisi opera

Unveiling an exciting new chapter in opera, Opera Australia proudly presents the Sydney premiere of Sarah Giles’ lauded rendition of Verdi’s classic, La Traviata, on the 2nd of January at the iconic Sydney Opera House. This groundbreaking production, a collaboration between Opera Queensland, State Opera South Australia, and West Australian Opera, has been hailed as “an absolute triumph” by The AU Review and “audaciously new” by InReview. Giles’ innovative direction breathes new life into La Traviata, offering a nuanced female perspective and exploring the intricacies of the protagonist, Violetta’s, courtesan life. The set, designed by Charles Davis, artfully dissects the public and private facets of Violetta’s life. His costumes, meanwhile, brilliantly encapsulate the vibrant decadence of the party-laden world portrayed in La Traviata. For the first time, the illustrious Jessica Cottis will be at the helm of the Opera Australia Orchestra and the respected Opera Australia Chorus, guiding them through Verdi’s emotive score, that includes the famed ‘Brindisi’ and Violetta’s stirring ‘Sempre libera’. Samantha Clarke, the celebrated Australian soprano, will make her debut with Opera Australia, performing as Violetta from the 2nd of January to the 10th of February. This marks another significant milestone following an impressive series of debuts throughout 2023, including Carnegie Hall, West Australian Opera, and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. Australian-Chinese tenor Kang Wang will return as Alfredo, while New Zealand baritone Phillip Rhodes will make his debut as Giorgio Germont with Opera Australia. Beyond these dates, the rising star, Australian soprano Sophie Salvesani, will reprise her highly-acclaimed role as Violetta, with… Read More

What to expect from the new season by Opera Australia

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Mark your calendars for Opera Australia’s much-awaited 2024 Sydney Summer Season, brought to you by the talented guest Creative Director Lindy Hume. Get ready to experience five Sydney Opera House premieres that will leave you awestruck! This season will showcase the virtuosity of Australian talent both on and off the stage, featuring a premier selection of international guest artists. Opera Australia celebrates the potency of opera in contemporary storytelling through this carefully curated selection of operas. Inspired by the European Enlightenment Era, this season features four operas written in the 18th century. Lindy Hume, the mastermind behind this program, says the season is filled with extraordinary music, deep contemplation, and brimming with optimism for the future. With an emphasis on collaboration, this season includes milestone partnerships with Victorian Opera, Pinchgut Opera, Circa, and Opera Queensland, plus a welcome return to the Sydney Festival program. This celebratory season captures how versatile and dynamic the artform can be. Opera Australia’s CEO, Fiona Allan, explained that Lindy Hume was the perfect choice to create an interim Sydney Summer program for OA. Her season is tremendously refreshing, filled with exciting works showcasing a great breadth of artistic talent from all across Australia and around the world. Audiences will be presented with some of Australia’s brightest local and returning talent, including directors Sarah Giles and Yaron Lifschitz, conductor Jessica Cottis, and singers Samantha Clarke, Caitlin Hulcup, Michael Smallwood, Helen Sherman, and New Zealand baritone Phillip Rhodes. Join us for the debut of Kate Gaul’s fantastical and eclectic new production of… Read More

First time opera; first time opera singer – Rebecca Gulinello tell us about La Boheme in Sydney

The cafe in La Boheme by Opera Australia

Whether you’re an opera aficionado, or after a new experience for the first time, there’s one thing you can be sure of – you’re not alone! People from all walks of life with all kinds of musical tastes gather on a nightly basis at the world famous Sydney Opera House – which is turning 50 this year! – to see operas by the world-renowned Opera Australia company, which this season is putting on La Boheme and giving even its singers a unique first experience! New singer Rebecca Gulinello is making one of her preliminary performances in the production, taking to the stage after she only took to her first stage performance this January! We got to speak with the highly talented, new singer about her performance as Mimi in La Boheme. Here’s how it went. How excited are you to be playing Mimi this season? To be taking on this role for me is a great responsibility because this stage is my home base. Sydney Opera House is iconic and one of the most coveted stages any singer in the world wants the privilege of being able to sing on. It is where other greats have sung before me and all my incredible colleagues in the company currently perform. To believe in my own greatness and to trust in my voice, my hard work and efforts towards this debut has been the most challenging. The mindset of a singer is also similar to that of a professional athlete. You must maintain a sense of rigour, routine, mental… Read More

Why you need to see La Boheme – we speak to lead male singer Atalla Ayan

La Boheme man woman hug

Opera Australia is putting on La Boheme this season at the Sydney Opera House, as part of their year-long celebration of the world famous Sydney Opera House’s 50th birthday this year in 2023. Ahead of the show wrapping-up and to remind you that yes, you do need to see it before it leaves the stage, we had a chat to its lead tenor, Atalla Ayan, opera singing extraordinaire who is taking on the role of Rodolfo for Opera Australia in this production on at the Sydney Opera House until 11 March 2023. How exciting is it for you to be taking it on the role of Rodolfo with Opera Australia?  Singing Rodolfo means a lot to me – it was the very first role I’ve sang on stage professionally and it is certainly very close to my heart. Singing Rodolfo means experiencing the joy of singing and the passion for living every moment as the last one. Are you excited to be singing in the Opera House? I just love singing in Sydney! People are the nicest, the House is great to sing in and colleagues are the best. It is a pleasure and a true gift for me singing in the magnificent Sydney Opera House! And an honour, really. Also, I’ve got to make a point: the audience is just amazing! H emotionally invested do you have to be in your character. How do you do it?  Singing La Boheme taught me something beautiful about life: The passion and the joy of living every moment, every second as… Read More