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What to expect from the new season by Opera Australia

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Mark your calendars for Opera Australia’s much-awaited 2024 Sydney Summer Season, brought to you by the talented guest Creative Director Lindy Hume. Get ready to experience five Sydney Opera House premieres that will leave you awestruck! This season will showcase the virtuosity of Australian talent both on and off the stage, featuring a premier selection of international guest artists. Opera Australia celebrates the potency of opera in contemporary storytelling through this carefully curated selection of operas. Inspired by the European Enlightenment Era, this season features four operas written in the 18th century. Lindy Hume, the mastermind behind this program, says the season is filled with extraordinary music, deep contemplation, and brimming with optimism for the future. With an emphasis on collaboration, this season includes milestone partnerships with Victorian Opera, Pinchgut Opera, Circa, and Opera Queensland, plus a welcome return to the Sydney Festival program. This celebratory season captures how versatile and dynamic the artform can be. Opera Australia’s CEO, Fiona Allan, explained that Lindy Hume was the perfect choice to create an interim Sydney Summer program for OA. Her season is tremendously refreshing, filled with exciting works showcasing a great breadth of artistic talent from all across Australia and around the world. Audiences will be presented with some of Australia’s brightest local and returning talent, including directors Sarah Giles and Yaron Lifschitz, conductor Jessica Cottis, and singers Samantha Clarke, Caitlin Hulcup, Michael Smallwood, Helen Sherman, and New Zealand baritone Phillip Rhodes. Join us for the debut of Kate Gaul’s fantastical and eclectic new production of… Read More