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La Traviata is back! But not like you remember

La Traviata Brindisi opera

Unveiling an exciting new chapter in opera, Opera Australia proudly presents the Sydney premiere of Sarah Giles’ lauded rendition of Verdi’s classic, La Traviata, on the 2nd of January at the iconic Sydney Opera House. This groundbreaking production, a collaboration between Opera Queensland, State Opera South Australia, and West Australian Opera, has been hailed as “an absolute triumph” by The AU Review and “audaciously new” by InReview. Giles’ innovative direction breathes new life into La Traviata, offering a nuanced female perspective and exploring the intricacies of the protagonist, Violetta’s, courtesan life. The set, designed by Charles Davis, artfully dissects the public and private facets of Violetta’s life. His costumes, meanwhile, brilliantly encapsulate the vibrant decadence of the party-laden world portrayed in La Traviata. For the first time, the illustrious Jessica Cottis will be at the helm of the Opera Australia Orchestra and the respected Opera Australia Chorus, guiding them through Verdi’s emotive score, that includes the famed ‘Brindisi’ and Violetta’s stirring ‘Sempre libera’. Samantha Clarke, the celebrated Australian soprano, will make her debut with Opera Australia, performing as Violetta from the 2nd of January to the 10th of February. This marks another significant milestone following an impressive series of debuts throughout 2023, including Carnegie Hall, West Australian Opera, and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. Australian-Chinese tenor Kang Wang will return as Alfredo, while New Zealand baritone Phillip Rhodes will make his debut as Giorgio Germont with Opera Australia. Beyond these dates, the rising star, Australian soprano Sophie Salvesani, will reprise her highly-acclaimed role as Violetta, with… Read More

Opera Australia Unveils Majestic 2024 Season

Samantha Clarke as Violetta in Opera Australias 2024 production of La Traviata at the Sydney Opera House

Opera Australia, the nation’s flagship opera company, has revealed a truly captivating programme for its 2024 season. The line-up is a sublime blend of timeless classics and avant-garde performances, poised to offer an opera experience like never before. The season opens grandly with the timeless spectacle of La Traviata, transported into a breathtaking realm with cutting-edge digital staging. This seamless fusion of traditional opera with modern innovation is a testament to Opera Australia’s commitment to bringing opera into the 21st century. The company continues to charm the audience with Puccini’s poignant ‘La Bohème,’ a beloved classic that has been captivating audiences worldwide for more than a century. Mozart’s evergreen masterpiece ‘The Magic Flute’ also makes a glorious return, immersing audiences in a fantastical world filled with enchanting music and whimsical charm. In a bold move, Opera Australia introduces a groundbreaking contemporary piece to the stage. This daring inclusion showcases the company’s continual endeavour to push the boundaries of opera, creating a diverse portfolio that caters to all tastes. Opera Australia’s 2024 season promises a thrilling journey, filled with exquisite performances and daring new productions. It is, without a doubt, a must-attend event for opera enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Secure your tickets now and immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring world of Opera Australia. More info at the Discover 2024 page Image: Samantha Clarke as Violetta in Opera Australia’s 2024 production of La Traviata at the Sydney Opera HousePhoto Credit: Georges Antoni