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Why you shouldn’t miss La Boheme according to its stars

The cafe in La Boheme by Opera Australia

In celebration of the Sydney Opera House‘s 50th birthday this year, Opera Australia, its resident opera and performing arts company, is putting on one heck of a line-up. With the renowned and favourite La Boheme currently on stage until THIS weekend, 11 March, your chance to see it for the season is almost up! It’s a moving story of love gained, shaken and then lost forever, written by famed Italian composer – who wrote quite accessible operas for those who are new to the whole experience – Giacomo Puccini. It’s even got those two renowned arias placed strategically back-to-back in the first act of the performance, that do their job in honing you in and driving you (or maybe just me?) to tears every time. They are: Che gelida manina and Si mi chiamano Mimi. They highlight the very moment Rodolfo and Mimi fall in love and do the best job at positioning Mimi as a delicate flower of a woman, who Rodolfo can’t but help being totally taken with immediately. Have a listen here: You can check out our other thoughts and reviews on the La Boheme production here. To find out why La Boheme is so good and such a must-see, we spoke to the latest lead singers, Atalla Ayan and Rebecca Gulinello who play Rodolfo and Mimi, the main lovers’ storyline, through the production. “Singing La Boheme taught me something beautiful about life: The passion and the joy of living every moment, every second as the last one of your existence. Living for the… Read More

First time opera; first time opera singer – Rebecca Gulinello tell us about La Boheme in Sydney

The cafe in La Boheme by Opera Australia

Whether you’re an opera aficionado, or after a new experience for the first time, there’s one thing you can be sure of – you’re not alone! People from all walks of life with all kinds of musical tastes gather on a nightly basis at the world famous Sydney Opera House – which is turning 50 this year! – to see operas by the world-renowned Opera Australia company, which this season is putting on La Boheme and giving even its singers a unique first experience! New singer Rebecca Gulinello is making one of her preliminary performances in the production, taking to the stage after she only took to her first stage performance this January! We got to speak with the highly talented, new singer about her performance as Mimi in La Boheme. Here’s how it went. How excited are you to be playing Mimi this season? To be taking on this role for me is a great responsibility because this stage is my home base. Sydney Opera House is iconic and one of the most coveted stages any singer in the world wants the privilege of being able to sing on. It is where other greats have sung before me and all my incredible colleagues in the company currently perform. To believe in my own greatness and to trust in my voice, my hard work and efforts towards this debut has been the most challenging. The mindset of a singer is also similar to that of a professional athlete. You must maintain a sense of rigour, routine, mental… Read More