Why you need to see La Boheme – we speak to lead male singer Atalla Ayan

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Opera Australia is putting on La Boheme this season at the Sydney Opera House, as part of their year-long celebration of the world famous Sydney Opera House’s 50th birthday this year in 2023.

Ahead of the show wrapping-up and to remind you that yes, you do need to see it before it leaves the stage, we had a chat to its lead tenor, Atalla Ayan, opera singing extraordinaire who is taking on the role of Rodolfo for Opera Australia in this production on at the Sydney Opera House until 11 March 2023.

La Boheme theatre Mimis

How exciting is it for you to be taking it on the role of Rodolfo with Opera Australia? 

Singing Rodolfo means a lot to me – it was the very first role I’ve sang on stage professionally and it is certainly very close to my heart. Singing Rodolfo means experiencing the joy of singing and the passion for living every moment as the last one.

Are you excited to be singing in the Opera House?

I just love singing in Sydney! People are the nicest, the House is great to sing in and colleagues are the best. It is a pleasure and a true gift for me singing in the magnificent Sydney Opera House! And an honour, really. Also, I’ve got to make a point: the audience is just amazing!

H emotionally invested do you have to be in your character. How do you do it? 

Singing La Boheme taught me something beautiful about life: The passion and the joy of living every moment, every second as the last one of your existence. Living for the moment. That, together with the revolutionary, modern and gorgeous music of Puccini, is what makes this opera alive and also appreciated to this day.

Rodolfo and Mimi La Boheme singers opera

What are you most looking forward to in this season of Opera Australia? 

Most certainly doing this beautiful production of La Boheme is one of my highlights at OA! But of course, I can’t forget what comes next for me – the gorgeous production of Rigoletto in winter. Two wonderful contrasting tenor roles in very interesting productions with new ideas. Super exciting!

What’s your favourite part of the production we should look out for?

The very moment Mimi and Rodolfo meet in the first act  is for sure one of the most iconic moments in opera. And this production made it so beautiful and touching. But we can’t forget the setting of the second act, which is so grand and luminous. I think it is quite impossible to pinpoint just one part of this tremendous production. So, I invite everyone in Sydney to come and see us on the remaining shows! You will love it!

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