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Melbourne’s esteemed salon, Shine Skin and Body, continues to redefine the standards of skincare with its latest innovation, the exclusive Carbon Blackhead Removal Facial. This unique offering marries the benefits of a traditional carbon facial with Shine’s heralded extraction process, marking a significant leap forward in facial treatments. Sheridan Rollard, the visionary owner and facialist behind Shine Skin & Body, was motivated to blend the revered Carbon Facial, often nicknamed the ‘China Doll Facial,’ with their signature extraction procedure to create a treatment that not only purifies the skin but leaves it impeccably clear, radiant, and with a porcelain-like finish.

The inception of this novel facial treatment was not without diligent scrutiny and experimentation. After a meticulous six-month trial period, Rollard noticed that while carbon facials were effective in drawing out impurities and stimulating collagen production, they often led to post-treatment breakouts. This insight spurred the quest for a more comprehensive solution that would prevent these breakouts by ensuring all impurities were thoroughly removed from the skin.

The Carbon Blackhead Removal Facial is a testament to Shine’s commitment to providing holistic and transformative skin treatments. Lasting 70 minutes, this facial begins with advanced cleansing techniques, followed by a carbon facial phase where the carbon attaches to oils and impurities. This is complemented by Shine’s signature extraction process, tailored steaming, and pore extraction, which vary in duration to cater to individual skin conditions. The treatment concludes with the application of hydrating serums and sunscreen, offering a multi-dimensional approach to skincare that ensures clients leave with skin that is not only clear but also nourished and protected.

Furthermore, Shine Skin & Body extends its revolutionary approach to those grappling with acne issues or scarring, through an advanced 85-minute Acne and Scar Reduction Facial. This enhanced version includes Fractional Laser and LED treatments, targeting acne at its core and promoting collagen production to diminish scarring, showcasing the salon’s unparalleled expertise in addressing complex skin concerns.

Offering these advanced treatments at an introductory price—$220 for the Carbon Blackhead Removal Facial and $1935 for a course of six Acne & Scar Reduction Facials—underlines Shine Skin & Body’s commitment to making elite skincare accessible. Since its founding in 2012 by Sheridan Rolland, alongside her husband Jason, Shine Skin & Body has emerged as a leading force in the realm of skincare, celebrated for its no-tool extractions and deeply transformative treatments. Their focus on delivering exceptional facial services has garnered widespread acclaim, resulting in the salon transitioning to a larger premises in Richmond in 2018 to accommodate the growing demand for their expertly curated treatments. This evolution underscores Shine’s status as a pioneering destination for those seeking a truly comprehensive and enriching facial experience in Melbourne.

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