American Crew’s new product, Whip, is helping men’s hair

Man white suit bench hair grooming sunglasses

The leading professional grooming and hair brand, American Crew, has announced the release of their new product, Whip. This ultimate styling solution is ideal for those who desire a natural, effortless look and marks the tenth product in American Crew’s puck-shaped hero product range. Already an international best-seller, Whip is perfect for achieving the perfect […]

American Crew hair products: the only way to do your hair

American Crew hair puks

Are you tired of using the same old hair styling products that don’t cater to your hair’s unique needs? Look no further than American Crew. This iconic brand recently relaunched its famous puck-shaped product range, perfect for achieving great style and hold. Get 7% off American Crew with this link. With over 25 years of […]

American Crew is relaunching: ready to get puckered up?

American Crew hair pucks

If, like me, all you use in your (men’s) hair is American Crew, then this will get you going: they’re relaunching. Having been around since 1994, American Crew, one of the world’s most recognised styling brands and creator of the famous puck-shaped product range, has re-launched the iconic puck products to breathe a little new […]

4 expert tips to keep away hair woes this winter

Man holding his hair

Don’t underestimate winter. It might seem all cold and cosy, but it can wreak havoc on your hair regardless of how you dress and who you are. So, we spoke with our pals at American Crew about how to take care of it this winter in Australia and dug up these tips: Tip 1: moisturise […]

2021 Fashion Week hair predictions, according to hair expert

male model hair

Whip out your Grams – it’s Australian Fashion Week time! While we don’t know what exactly designers will be presenting, we know they’ll be serving up a smorgasbord of delicious hair inspiration for the year ahead. Luke Munn, up-and-coming Australian barber who won the 2020 global American Crew All Star challenge (making him one of the best young […]