American Crew’s new product, Whip, is helping men’s hair

Man white suit bench hair grooming sunglasses

The leading professional grooming and hair brand, American Crew, has announced the release of their new product, Whip. This ultimate styling solution is ideal for those who desire a natural, effortless look and marks the tenth product in American Crew’s puck-shaped hero product range. Already an international best-seller, Whip is perfect for achieving the perfect hairstyle without extra effort, providing subtle texture and flexible control.

Whip’s weightless, airy formulation gives a non-sticky, pliable hold that creates a natural shine and healthier-looking hair. Not only does Whip create great looking hairstyles, but it leaves hair feeling soft, moisturised, and smelling fresh with its subtle minty fragrance.

American Crew whip

American Crew invites trend-forward Brits to whip their hair into shape and say goodbye to long periods of time spent styling their hair. Perfect for most hair types and lengths, the hybrid formula is ideal for those who are time-poor but still want to look great. It creates a fashion-forward, natural look whilst achieving the smooth, shiny hair that American Crew is known for.

Founder of American Crew, David Raccuglia, says, “What I love about this product is the airiness of the texture and the control it provides while not taking over your hair. Whip keeps hair light, as if you didn’t have any product to begin with.”