American Crew’s Travis Kelce haircut

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While Taylor Swift undeniably reigns as one of the biggest stars on the planet, her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, is swiftly making his mark as a close second – especially with Aussie fans eagerly anticipating his presence in Sydney.

As Travis basks in his newfound fame, he’s already leaving an impression on Aussie culture, evident in the increasing demand for the ‘Travis Kelce haircut’ among local barbers’ clientele.

Matthew Clarke, an esteemed Australian Modern Barber of the Year awardee and proprietor of Esq. Male Grooming in Milton, notes a noticeable surge in patrons requesting the ‘Travis haircut,’ particularly after the Super Bowl and in anticipation of Taylor’s Australian Tour. With Travis’s arrival in Sydney today, Matt graciously shares his insights on achieving and styling this sought-after look.

For those aspiring to don the Travis Kelce haircut, Matt advises consulting your local barber for a buzz cut fade and presenting a few reference photos beforehand. He emphasizes the importance of reference photos in effectively communicating the desired haircut and individual style preferences, especially for those unfamiliar with barber jargon or venturing into a new aesthetic.

Alternatively, if a shorter style with a slightly lengthier side appeals to you, Matt recommends inquiring about a classic crew cut with a low fade. This approach achieves the illusion of the Travis Kelce haircut while retaining hair thickness on the sides.

Upon acquiring the Travis Kelce cut, Matt suggests styling the look into a short quiff or a slicked-back style. For a short quiff, he recommends utilizing the American Crew Fiber styling puck, delivering a low shine and high hold for added texture and height. Conversely, if a slicked-back appearance is preferred, the American Crew Firm Hold Styling Gel serves to tame flyaways and impart shine when combed through the hair.

To facilitate the styling process, the American Crew Fiber is available from The Iconic at an RRP of $31.95, while the American Crew Firm Hold Styling Gel can be acquired from The Iconic for $27.95.

Travis Kelce’s influence extends not only to the realm of sports and celebrity but also permeates the world of fashion and grooming, leaving an indelible impression on Aussie enthusiasts eager to emulate his distinctive style.