New year guide to grooming

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With the New Year well and truly upon us, now is the perfect time to level up your grooming routine and achieve the best hair ever in 2024. Whether you’re aiming for a fresh look or want to improve the health of your hair, investing in self-care will leave you looking and feeling your best.

Are you interested in a men’s haircare and styling guide for the New Year? If so, we have expert advice from Mark Rabone, an American Crew All-Star, AMBA Hall-of-Fame inductee and barber with over 30 years of experience at Esq. Male Grooming. Mark understands the biggest concerns men have regarding their hair. Leveraging his extensive expertise, he shares the top 4 concerns his clients have, along with his favourite American Crew products to address them, so you can look and feel your best in 2024.

  1. “I want thicker, healthier hair”

As many men experience hair loss and thinning, one of the most common hair goals in the New Year is to get thicker and healthier hair. Using the right shampoo and conditioner is key to reducing hair loss and stimulating regrowth. The Fortifying Shampoo from American Crew helps to remove build-up and refreshes the scalp for fuller, thicker, and stronger hair. When used daily with the Daily Moisturizing Conditioner, which restores and protects hair follicles, your hair will feel soft and healthy in no time. You can get the Fortifying Shampoo from Adore Beauty for RRP $26.95 and the Daily Moisturizing Conditioner for RRP $25.95.

  1. “I want a beard, but I struggle to grow facial hair”

Beards will continue to be a trend in 2024, but getting a glorious bushy beard is easier said than done. If you struggle with patchiness or slow growth, keeping your beard clean and skin moisturised can help you achieve the look. The Beard Serum from Adore Beauty for RRP $26.95 will moisturise the skin and condition the beard to promote faster growth while the Beard Cleanser from The Iconic for RRP $26.95 will remove residue build-up on the skin to reduce beard patchiness. Adding a beard styling product such as the Beard Balm from Adore Beauty for RRP $26.95 can also help to give the appearance of a thicker beard. For the best results, use a small amount and distribute evenly to shape the beard as desired.

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  1. “I need to get rid of my dandruff!”

About 50% of the population has dandruff, according to the Better Health Channel. It’s no wonder why so many men complain about the condition. A dry scalp, excess oil production and skin irritation can cause excessive dandruff that can leave your scalp feeling itchy and crusty. To eliminate these pesky flakes from your 2024 plans, make sure to keep your scalp exfoliated and hydrated. The Detox Shampoo from The Iconic for RRP $25.95 works to remove impurities from the scalp and acts as an exfoliant to reduce excess sebum and product build-up. Another great option is the Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, also available from The Iconic for RRP $25.95, which hydrates the scalp as it cleanses to relieve irritation and prevent a dry scalp.

  1. “I want to change my hairstyle, but I’m nervous about a big change”

If you’re after a new look in 2024, experimenting with different styling products is an easy way to change your appearance without the long-term commitment of a haircut. For a modern comb-over or pompadour, you need extra shine and height. The Grooming Cream with aloe vera from The Iconic for RRP $32.95 provides an excellent hold and gloss for a sleek look. The Whip puck from Above The Collar for RRP $32.00 is an airy, weightless formula that provides subtle texture and control to enhance and style natural waves for a curled and layered look. Finally, if you want a tall, textured quiff, the Matte Clay Spray available from Above The Collar for RRP $26.95 is formulated with Kaolin Clay to add body to the hair and provide a medium hold that’ll last all day.

With this guide, you will be able to confidently approach your hair and beard care in 2024. The key is to understand your unique concerns and address them with the right products and routine. So go ahead, invest in your self-care and embrace the New Year with the best hair (and beard) ever!