Pimp up your summer cocktails with seasonal Australian Mangoes

You know summer is on its way when your local grocer or supermarket starts stocking sweet, juicy mangoes and even better — starts selling them by the tray at a reasonable price. But what can you do with all those mangoes apart from making a fresh fruit salad or slicing it over your muesli?  You’d […]

Celebrate World Chocolate Day with limited-edition lamingtons from Koko Black x Tokyo Lamington

Koko Black lamingtons

Could there be a better way to celebrate World Chocolate Day than with a packet of limited-edition lamingtons from Koko Black and Tokyo Lamington? All we can say is, thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing this incredibly decadent offering to chocolate lovers for one day only.  One of Australia’s favourite chocolate brands, Koko […]

Take the stress out of baking with these super fun kits by Baker’s Box

Rocky road cupcakes Baker's Box

Your bestie just called and asked whether you’d like to come over with a few other gal pals for an afternoon of baked festivities. Oh, and bring a plate! The truth is, you’re not regular baker, so the chances of you having all the staples in the pantry are next to zero.  You look in […]

Doughnut worry, because Krispy Kreme has declared it National Doughnut Month

National Doughnut Day

Traditionally celebrated on the first Friday of June, National Doughnut Day dates as far back as 1938, and began as a fundraiser created by The Salvation Army, helping those in need during the Great Depression. It has also become a modern tradition for doughnut stores to give away free doughnuts to their customers on National […]

Turn back time with 90’s priced churros treats that promise to bring back childhood memories


With the days getting cooler and shorter, what better way to warm up than with a belly-full of delicious comfort food! And more precisely, freshly made, hot mini churros covered in your favourite childhood toppings! We’re talking Nerds, fairy bread and chocolate crackles – all the good stuff, straight from the nineties!  Amping up the […]

The country’s sweetest event – the ‘Cake Bake & Sweets Show’ is back in town

Are you that person that effortlessly bakes delicious slices and takes them to work to share with colleagues just because you love baking or the family member everyone turns to when they need a standout birthday cake? Then you’re going to want to head to The Cake Bake & Sweets Show for further baking inspo, […]

Messina drumsticks are a thing this summer


There’s a new icecream in town and it’s a combo between Drumstick and Gelato Messina. The time to get excited is now. Since 1963, Drumstick has been doing its thing in Australia and in 2019, they’re teaming up with Gelato Messina to create something new for summer. The new Drumstick cones are inspired by some […]

FroPro is the new high protein, low sugar ice cream you need in the freezer

FroPro 1

There’s a new frozen treat in town and it’s the best yet. FroPro is serving you frozen tubs of awesomeness from all over the place, but it’s what goes into it that’s the real kicker. It’s dear Oz’s only ice cream with a 5-star health rating from ex-professional Rugby Union player Ed O’Donoghue.  FroPro is one […]