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Pimp up your summer cocktails with seasonal Australian Mangoes

Aussie Summer Mango Spritz02

You know summer is on its way when your local grocer or supermarket starts stocking sweet, juicy mangoes and even better — starts selling them by the tray at a reasonable price. But what can you do with all those mangoes apart from making a fresh fruit salad or slicing it over your muesli?  You’d be surprised! How does mango chia pudding, barbecue mojito mango cheeks, or fish tacos with fresh mango salsa sound? The Australian Mangoes website has loads of useful recipes ranging from breakfast, dessert, dinner lunch, and snack recipes. There’s also a refreshing ‘Aussie Summer Mango Spritz’ recipe, perfect for a lazy Friday evening tipple to kick off the long-awaited weekend.  So without further ado, here is the recipe for that mouth-watering spritz. This recipe serves 10 2 Mangoes 4 cups ice 500ml Aperol, chilled 4 cups ice 750 ml bottle chilled Prosecco 750 ml chilled soda water Mango syrup 2 mangoes 1 cup white sugar 1 cup water Method For the syrup, peel and roughly chop mango flesh. Place into a blender or processor and blend until smooth. Transfer to a saucepan. Add sugar and water. Stir over medium heat until sugar dissolves. Bring to the boil, boil gently for 3 minutes. Strain through a fine sieve into a jug. Set aside to cool. Pour into a sterilized bottle. Refrigerate until ready to serve. Peel and dice the flesh from mangoes. Divide the ice among 10 glasses. Spoon 2 tablespoons of mango syrup into each glass. Top each with 50ml Aperol… Read More

Celebrate World Chocolate Day with limited-edition lamingtons from Koko Black x Tokyo Lamington

Koko Black lamingtons

Could there be a better way to celebrate World Chocolate Day than with a packet of limited-edition lamingtons from Koko Black and Tokyo Lamington? All we can say is, thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing this incredibly decadent offering to chocolate lovers for one day only.  One of Australia’s favourite chocolate brands, Koko Black has collaborated with Tokyo Lamington, which was co-founded by Eddie Stewart, the mastermind behind Black Star Pastry, the creators of the famous Strawberry and Watermelon cake.  For one day only, you can get your hands on these delicious lamingtons on World Chocolate Day, which is on Tuesday 7th July. But be quick, as there is a limit of one pack per person (which contains three lamingtons) and they will only be available for one day only for $21 per pack at the following Koko Black stores: VICTORIA: Carlton, Chadstone, Como Centre, Doncaster, Highpoint, Town Hall, Royal Arcade, The Glen. NSW: Strand Arcade & QVB While Tokyo Lamington is based in Tokyo and Singapore, there are plans for more collaborations on the horizon in Australia, so hopefully, we’ll see more of Tokyo Lamington in the near future.  Here’s some more mouth-watering details about each lamington: Caramelised Coconut Lamington: Celebrating a Koko Black favourite, the Caramelised Coconut Praline, this decadent lamington features almond and caramelised coconut cremeux coated in delicious white chocolate with a caramelised coconut finish. Davidson Plum and Sao Thome Lamington: This unique lamington delivers an exquisite sweet and sour flavour, combining Australia’s native, sour Davidson Plum, with Koko… Read More

Take the stress out of baking with these super fun kits by Baker’s Box

Rocky road cupcakes Baker's Box

Your bestie just called and asked whether you’d like to come over with a few other gal pals for an afternoon of baked festivities. Oh, and bring a plate! The truth is, you’re not regular baker, so the chances of you having all the staples in the pantry are next to zero.  You look in the pantry and your suspicions are confirmed. You’re pretty much out of everything you need to whip up a  batch of brownies or cupcakes. And that means going to the supermarket and spending a bomb just to restock the pantry. And let’s be honest, the standard supermarket cake or brownie mix isn’t going to cut it, either, so that’s not an option.   This brings us to Baker’s Box, a clever and new way of baking at home. This innovative business beautifully assembles baking kits that contain pretty much everything you need (minus perishables such as eggs or milk) so that you can create mouth-watering baked goodies such as cakes, cookies, and slices at a whim. Plus you can take all the credit for baking such glorious looking treats.  Kits contain pre-measured ingredients so as long as you’re able to follow a recipe, you shouldn’t have any problems pulling together a plate of baked goods that will knock the socks off your guests. And you don’t have to be an experienced baker – beginners will also find the kits extremely user-friendly. Because the ingredients are pre-measured to the exact amount required for each recipe, this not only helps save time, but… Read More

Doughnut worry, because Krispy Kreme has declared it National Doughnut Month

National Doughnut Day

Traditionally celebrated on the first Friday of June, National Doughnut Day dates as far back as 1938, and began as a fundraiser created by The Salvation Army, helping those in need during the Great Depression. It has also become a modern tradition for doughnut stores to give away free doughnuts to their customers on National Doughnut Day.  But these are strange times and we have a lot on our minds, so you’d be excused for losing track of what day it is, let alone the date. So just in case you didn’t realise, today is National Doughnut Month. But Krispy Kreme understands things are a little different this year, so they’ve declared it National Doughnut Month so you don’t miss out on your free doughnut.  So every Friday in June, when you purchase a dozen doughnuts, Krispy Kreme Australia will gift you a free doughnut of your choice at selected stores. Hooray! Hint: You might want to check out the new, limited edition Snickers Doughnut for your freebie. For more details on this offer, click here.  Happy National Doughnut Month!

Turn back time with 90’s priced churros treats that promise to bring back childhood memories


With the days getting cooler and shorter, what better way to warm up than with a belly-full of delicious comfort food! And more precisely, freshly made, hot mini churros covered in your favourite childhood toppings! We’re talking Nerds, fairy bread and chocolate crackles – all the good stuff, straight from the nineties!  Amping up the nostalgia, chocolateria San Churro has launched a new range of snack packs that will bring back all your favourite childhood memories. The three new packs are part of the exciting ‘Throwback menu’. Take your pick from the menu with mini traditional churros sprinkled with iconic strawberry and grape Nerds; or playful fairy bread, specklies and white chocolate ice cream; or last but definitely not least, chocolate crackle chunks and milk chocolate ice cream. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, all snack packs are drizzled with a choice of milk, dark or white couverture chocolate.  To sweeten the deal, San Churro is offering nineties pricing on the ‘Throwback menu’ every Thursday until 28 May, 2020. Instead of the usual $17, the ‘Throwback’ churros snack packs drop to $11 between the hours 4pm to 8pm. Chocolate enthusiasts can also indulge in signature hot chocolate favourites with a twist, with San Churro rolling out four new ‘Throwback Hot Chocolates’, each sprinkled with sweet treats. The range includes a Nerds, fairy bread, chocolate crackle and honeycomb – all topped with whipped cream.

The country’s sweetest event – the ‘Cake Bake & Sweets Show’ is back in town

Sweets show

Are you that person that effortlessly bakes delicious slices and takes them to work to share with colleagues just because you love baking or the family member everyone turns to when they need a standout birthday cake? Then you’re going to want to head to The Cake Bake & Sweets Show for further baking inspo, as it’s back in town! And this year at the same venue, you’ll also be able to experience an exciting new foodie event that will appeal to the home cook – For The Love of Cooking.  But first of all, let’s talk sweeties! From cakes, decorating, sugar craft, sweets and everything in between, The Cake Bake & Sweets Show is back in Sydney at ICC Darling Harbour from Friday, 8 November – Sunday, 10 November. Melbourne, don’t fret! You too, will have the opportunity to experience the sweet smell emanating from the The Cake Bake & Sweets Show at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre from Friday, 29 November – Sunday, 1 December.  Experience demonstrations by some of Australia’s best dessert and sweet creators including, Queen of Chocolate Kirsten Tibballs; award-winning pastry chef Anna Polyviou; and cake creative Katherine Sabbath. At the time of writing, the super popular ‘Queen Make & Take’ classes were sold out at the Sydney show, however if you’re planning to head to the Melbourne show, make sure you get in early.  You may also want to upskill your cake decorating and fondant moulding skills by taking part in one of the many workshops on offer,… Read More

Messina drumsticks are a thing this summer


There’s a new icecream in town and it’s a combo between Drumstick and Gelato Messina. The time to get excited is now. Since 1963, Drumstick has been doing its thing in Australia and in 2019, they’re teaming up with Gelato Messina to create something new for summer. The new Drumstick cones are inspired by some of Gelato Messina’s most popular flavours, with ingredients made in the Messina kitchen. They do four flavours: Mango & Salted Coconut Fresh Kensington Pride mango sorbet entwined with Murray River Salted Coconut sorbet, topped with Kensington Pride Mango sauce and toasted coconut flakes. Vanilla Bean & Peanut Praline Rich three fold vanilla bean ice cream, topped with a sweet & salty peanut praline and dark chocolate. Roasted Hazelnut A unique MESSINA hazelnut sauce made with hazelnuts all the way from Cortemilia in Italy, swirled through an indulgent gelato, topped with roasted hazelnuts. Dulce de Leche Made with MESSINA’s trade mark Dulce de Leche sauce combined with creamy ice cream and chocolate coated biscuit pieces.

FroPro is the new high protein, low sugar ice cream you need in the freezer

FroPro 1

There’s a new frozen treat in town and it’s the best yet. FroPro is serving you frozen tubs of awesomeness from all over the place, but it’s what goes into it that’s the real kicker. It’s dear Oz’s only ice cream with a 5-star health rating from ex-professional Rugby Union player Ed O’Donoghue.  FroPro is one of those things that touts all that ‘all natural’ stuff, but once you get past that and read the good bits for what they are, you learn it’s high in protein and is 95% sugar-free, low GI and low fat, starting from only 78 calories per serve. Not bad, hey? Coming in chocolate, salted caramel, peanut butter and toasted coconut flavours, they’ve hit the biggest flavours in food trends over the past four years with the launch range and no guessing where to from here! You’ll find FroPro in over 650 Woolies and 800 Coles outlets around the country.