Turn back time with 90’s priced churros treats that promise to bring back childhood memories


With the days getting cooler and shorter, what better way to warm up than with a belly-full of delicious comfort food! And more precisely, freshly made, hot mini churros covered in your favourite childhood toppings! We’re talking Nerds, fairy bread and chocolate crackles – all the good stuff, straight from the nineties!  Amping up the […]

San Churro has gone gluten-friendly

San Churro

The Spanish-inspired masters of chocolate have changed what they do so well to make it that much better – and nobody’s mad about it. San Churro has gone gluten-friendly, incorporating low-gluten options for those who don’t want to feel quite as bloated/guilty/heavy/carby – and then some – as you’d normally after a solid binge at any […]