Turn back time with 90’s priced churros treats that promise to bring back childhood memories


With the days getting cooler and shorter, what better way to warm up than with a belly-full of delicious comfort food! And more precisely, freshly made, hot mini churros covered in your favourite childhood toppings! We’re talking Nerds, fairy bread and chocolate crackles – all the good stuff, straight from the nineties! 

Amping up the nostalgia, chocolateria San Churro has launched a new range of snack packs that will bring back all your favourite childhood memories. The three new packs are part of the exciting ‘Throwback menu’. Take your pick from the menu with mini traditional churros sprinkled with iconic strawberry and grape Nerds; or playful fairy bread, specklies and white chocolate ice cream; or last but definitely not least, chocolate crackle chunks and milk chocolate ice cream.

The Throwback Menu will have you reminiscing about sweeter times.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, all snack packs are drizzled with a choice of milk, dark or white couverture chocolate. 

To sweeten the deal, San Churro is offering nineties pricing on the ‘Throwback menu’ every Thursday until 28 May, 2020. Instead of the usual $17, the ‘Throwback’ churros snack packs drop to $11 between the hours 4pm to 8pm.

Chocolate enthusiasts can also indulge in signature hot chocolate favourites with a twist, with San Churro rolling out four new ‘Throwback Hot Chocolates’, each sprinkled with sweet treats. The range includes a Nerds, fairy bread, chocolate crackle and honeycomb – all topped with whipped cream.

San Churro 3
Mini churros with chocolate (milk, dark or white), and strawberries sprinkled with Nerds.