Take the stress out of baking with these super fun kits by Baker’s Box

Rocky road cupcakes Baker's Box

Your bestie just called and asked whether you’d like to come over with a few other gal pals for an afternoon of baked festivities. Oh, and bring a plate! The truth is, you’re not regular baker, so the chances of you having all the staples in the pantry are next to zero. 

You look in the pantry and your suspicions are confirmed. You’re pretty much out of everything you need to whip up a  batch of brownies or cupcakes. And that means going to the supermarket and spending a bomb just to restock the pantry. And let’s be honest, the standard supermarket cake or brownie mix isn’t going to cut it, either, so that’s not an option.  

This brings us to Baker’s Box, a clever and new way of baking at home. This innovative business beautifully assembles baking kits that contain pretty much everything you need (minus perishables such as eggs or milk) so that you can create mouth-watering baked goodies such as cakes, cookies, and slices at a whim. Plus you can take all the credit for baking such glorious looking treats. 

Rocky road cupcakes
These Rocky Road Cupcakes scream “party time!”

Kits contain pre-measured ingredients so as long as you’re able to follow a recipe, you shouldn’t have any problems pulling together a plate of baked goods that will knock the socks off your guests. And you don’t have to be an experienced baker – beginners will also find the kits extremely user-friendly. Because the ingredients are pre-measured to the exact amount required for each recipe, this not only helps save time, but also reduces food waste. How great is that! 

Leah, the founder of Baker’s Box said time spent searching endless websites and recipe books for the perfect recipe, then visiting one, two, or sometimes even three shops to find the ingredients meant her time in the kitchen was limited to special occasions. She wanted to come up with a better way to do things, which is how Bakers Box was born.

The kits are hand-packed with love in Adelaide, South Australia. Being an Australian company, Baker’s Box uses local ingredients wherever they can. Big tick! 

Best-sellers include Chewy Anzac Biscuits, Lemon Crumble Slice, Classic Chocolate Caramel Slice, and Rich Triple Chocolate Brownies. But to be honest, you’d be crazy not to give the Rocky Road Cupcakes a crack – Belgian Callebaut dark chocolate mud cupcakes topped with chocolate buttercream icing and a wicked rocky road combination. 

These gorgeous baking kits also make the perfect gift for the baker in your life who is difficult to find gifts for. Receiving one of these beautifully presented kits would put a smile on any home cook’s face. 

Kits range from $24.95 – $44.95. Take a look at the full range of kits here. Happy baking!