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New Hill St Baking Mixes have just made at-home baking a breeze

Hill st baking mixes:

Baking doesn’t get any easier than this – even if you’re rubbish in the kitchen! Say hello to no-fuss baking with New Zealand baking company Hill St officially launching their collection of easy-to-use baking kits in Australia. Now there is no excuse not to bake up a storm AND have fun doing it! Available from Woolworths, the base range gives you the flexibility to make chocolate brownies, chocolate cake, scones, vanilla cake, biscotti, chocolate cookies and more! It’s the perfect solution to your next Sunday baking session. There are three easy to create recipes on the back of each pack, so it’s no one-trick pony. For instance, with the Vanilla Baking Mix, you can make a zesty lemon loaf, party cupcakes or a delicious vanilla cake.  Is dairy-free? As for your vegan or dairy-free friends, they’re covered as well, as the Hill St Base range is dairy-free and vegan, with options for allergies, intolerances, and dietary preferences.  The Hill St Base range is built on classic flavours that take you back to your childhood and includes Chocolate, Vanilla, Dough and Choc Chunk Cookie Baking Mix, as well as Kids Cupcake Baking Kits in Cosmic or Jungle themes.  Hill St is also committed to using clean, simple ingredients and single-ingredient foods that are mostly unprocessed, free of chemical additives and rich in nutrients. Their packaging is either recyclable or compostable with sustainably sourced materials.  The baking mixes start from $6.50 and are available exclusively in Woolworths.  If you’re looking for more inspo, head to the New… Read More

Get baked at Sydney’s newest pop-up event – The Big Bake

The Big Bake Sydney

We’re all looking for interesting and fun events to get us out of the house, so here’s one for Sydneysiders who don’t mind getting their fingers sticky while enjoying a cocktail or two.  From the team who brought us Floating Cinema, Bumper Cars on Ice, Beyond Cinema, and the Mad Hatters Tea Party, Viral Ventures has launched yet another innovative and fun pop-up event to keep us entertained.  It’s called The Big Bake and it’s currently running in the Sydney CBD until the end of April. This baking-themed event is the perfect way to spend a fun night out with a friend, a group of friends, or even as part of a corporate challenge. It runs for 90 minutes and during this time, you’ll be rolling your sleeves up bake, create, design & whisk (while sipping your cocktail when you’re not whisking eggs whites or combining your dry ingredients).  Before kicking off, you’ll receive a complimentary glass of bubbles on arrival. There is a bar conveniently located right next to your kitchen workspace, so you and your friends can start a tab and enjoy some come cocktails during the session.  Also be prepared to participate in some hilarious games that will have your friends in stitches and grabbing their mobiles to capture the moment to unashamedly share on social.  Each Big Bake session offers multiple recipes to choose from and recipes change each week. You could be making cupcakes or custard tart one week, and mouthwatering salted caramel brownies and cheesecakes the next.  Tickets are… Read More

Take the stress out of baking with these super fun kits by Baker’s Box

Rocky road cupcakes Baker's Box

Your bestie just called and asked whether you’d like to come over with a few other gal pals for an afternoon of baked festivities. Oh, and bring a plate! The truth is, you’re not regular baker, so the chances of you having all the staples in the pantry are next to zero.  You look in the pantry and your suspicions are confirmed. You’re pretty much out of everything you need to whip up a  batch of brownies or cupcakes. And that means going to the supermarket and spending a bomb just to restock the pantry. And let’s be honest, the standard supermarket cake or brownie mix isn’t going to cut it, either, so that’s not an option.   This brings us to Baker’s Box, a clever and new way of baking at home. This innovative business beautifully assembles baking kits that contain pretty much everything you need (minus perishables such as eggs or milk) so that you can create mouth-watering baked goodies such as cakes, cookies, and slices at a whim. Plus you can take all the credit for baking such glorious looking treats.  Kits contain pre-measured ingredients so as long as you’re able to follow a recipe, you shouldn’t have any problems pulling together a plate of baked goods that will knock the socks off your guests. And you don’t have to be an experienced baker – beginners will also find the kits extremely user-friendly. Because the ingredients are pre-measured to the exact amount required for each recipe, this not only helps save time, but… Read More

The country’s sweetest event – the ‘Cake Bake & Sweets Show’ is back in town

Sweets show

Are you that person that effortlessly bakes delicious slices and takes them to work to share with colleagues just because you love baking or the family member everyone turns to when they need a standout birthday cake? Then you’re going to want to head to The Cake Bake & Sweets Show for further baking inspo, as it’s back in town! And this year at the same venue, you’ll also be able to experience an exciting new foodie event that will appeal to the home cook – For The Love of Cooking.  But first of all, let’s talk sweeties! From cakes, decorating, sugar craft, sweets and everything in between, The Cake Bake & Sweets Show is back in Sydney at ICC Darling Harbour from Friday, 8 November – Sunday, 10 November. Melbourne, don’t fret! You too, will have the opportunity to experience the sweet smell emanating from the The Cake Bake & Sweets Show at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre from Friday, 29 November – Sunday, 1 December.  Experience demonstrations by some of Australia’s best dessert and sweet creators including, Queen of Chocolate Kirsten Tibballs; award-winning pastry chef Anna Polyviou; and cake creative Katherine Sabbath. At the time of writing, the super popular ‘Queen Make & Take’ classes were sold out at the Sydney show, however if you’re planning to head to the Melbourne show, make sure you get in early.  You may also want to upskill your cake decorating and fondant moulding skills by taking part in one of the many workshops on offer,… Read More