Edinburgh by Robert Louis Stevenson is this winter’s must-read


It is Rebeka Russell who’s started Manderlay Press, a unique book publisher in the UK with a unique take all its own.

And this year, they’ve kicked things off with Edinburgh by Robert Louis Stevenson, with an introduction by bestselling Edinburgh-based author Alexander McCall Smith. He said: “This is not a compendium of dry facts – this is an account of why Stevenson found Edinburgh so fascinating and such a rich source of inspiration for his writing.”

Manderley Press will reissue around six books a year and each title will feature a specially commissioned introduction by a contemporary writer and new front cover artwork. Both the artist and writer will be chosen for their connections to the place at the heart of each publication.

The first book launch is so exciting, though, because many of the buildings, places and people Stevenson describes in Edinburgh would inform the settings of his classic adventure novels, many names you’re bound to have heard; including KidnappedTreasure Island and The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

For a taste of the book and to secure your own while you can, head to Manderley Press.

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