Book review: Twelve Caesars by Mary Beard

Julius Caesar Rome

Twelve Caesars by Mary Beard is a brilliant and engaging historical account of the lives of twelve Roman emperors. The book is a remarkable feat of scholarship that brings to life the personal and political complexities of these powerful men. Already want to read it? Kindle is doing a free 30 days – try it […]

Why Covid was a dream for new writer Mark Ashbury: about his new book ‘The Fallen’

Man writing laptop book

If there was one thing Covid gave the world – other than unconquerable frustration – it was time. Time, which new author Mark Ashbury used well, to achieve new projects and mount new heights! His new book The Fallen, is the first volume one of the engrossing ‘Book of Souls’ saga. The new book has […]

How to get a good job after 50

Old woman laptop work

After the last year or so we’ve all had, you could hardly be blamed for beginning to think well into the future, off the back of a lot of people’s reassessment of their lives, future and desires, right? So, thinking about your middle age and what that’s going to look like’s a pretty good idea, […]

What it’s really like to work in a corporate environment: ‘Dancing with the Bull’ reveals all

Dancing Bull

Sure, the corporate life might pay well, but is it the be all? Matthew Simon was one of those people who thought so. Until he didn’t. He’d spent 25 years in senior executive roles for multinational companies, but one day he realised he’d had enough. That was in April 2011. In 2019, he released a […]

Good read: Crazy Shit in Asia

The new book, CRAZY SH*T IN ASIA aims to celebrate alternative travel culture and keep the dream alive. Basically; exotic one day; dangerous the next and renowned for cheap, offbeat adventures, Asia is abundant with amazing cuisine and welcoming people. But there is a dark, dangerous side to this top tourist destination-of-a-continent. Sinking Bintangs in […]