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What to look forward to in an evening with Mary Beard at London’s Barbican

Mary Beard classics professor

Prepare yourselves, culture and history enthusiasts, for an enchanting evening at the Barbican in London with none other than the eminent scholar, Mary Beard. Known for her engaging storytelling and profound insights, Beard will guide us on an unparalleled intellectual adventure. This night is set to be a celebration of the rich tapestry of past civilisations, and the resonance of their narratives in our present times. Here’s more about what to look forward to After the very recent release of her new book, Emperor of Rome, a riveting exploration of Roman history, from its humble beginnings to the pinnacle of its power. We will hear from Beard, with her characteristic wit and profound knowledge, as she paints a vivid picture of life in Rome during the reign of its most famous emperor. This gripping narrative, rich in detail and brimming with insights, is a testament to Beard’s storytelling prowess and her deep understanding of the past. It’s more than just a history book; it’s an immersive journey into an era long gone. Readers will find themselves right at the heart of Rome, amidst the grandeur, power struggles, and everyday life of its people. Emperor of Rome is not only an essential read for history enthusiasts but also a captivating tale that will enthrall any reader. Don’t miss this chance to experience Rome like never before, through the eyes of a master storyteller. Set within the architectural marvel that is the Barbican, this enriching evening promises to be anything but ordinary. Not only will you have… Read More

What to look forward to in Mary Beard’s new book: Emperor of Rome, 2023

Mary Beard classics professor

Prepare for a journey into the heart of Rome as Mary Beard, the eminent historian and classicist, is back with her latest book, Emperor of Rome. This riveting masterpiece promises to deliver an unparalleled deep-dive into the intriguing world of Roman emperors, a subject that has long fascinated readers. Beard’s exceptional storytelling prowess, coupled with her profound understanding of Roman history, sets the stage for illuminating insights into the lives of the most powerful individuals of ancient Rome. From their political machinations to their personal intrigues, Beard unravels them all with a deft touch. Emperor of Rome is also poised to shatter conventional wisdom, offering fresh perspectives on the infamous rulers’ reigns and their impacts that reverberate to this day. With Beard’s impeccable scholarship and lively narration, expect to be transported back in time, witnessing firsthand the spectacle of Rome under its emperors. Whether you’re a history enthusiast or a casual reader, Emperor of Rome is a must-read. It invites you to immerse yourself in the grandeur, the drama, and the unvarnished realities of Rome’s imperial past, seen through the discerning lens of Mary Beard. So, brace yourself for an enthralling exploration of an epoch that continues to shape the course of history. Buy Emperor of Rome here Feature image

Book review: Twelve Caesars by Mary Beard

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Twelve Caesars by Mary Beard is a brilliant and engaging historical account of the lives of twelve Roman emperors. The book is a remarkable feat of scholarship that brings to life the personal and political complexities of these powerful men. Already want to read it? Kindle is doing a free 30 days – try it now Mary Beard is an acclaimed historian and classicist who has written several books on ancient Rome. In Twelve Caesars, she explores the lives of the emperors who ruled Rome from Julius Caesar to Domitian. The book combines meticulous research with a lively and accessible writing style that makes it both informative and entertaining. One of the strengths of the book is the way Beard situates the biographies of the emperors within the broader historical context of the Roman Empire. She provides an insightful analysis of the political, economic, and social changes that occurred during the reign of each emperor. She demonstrates how their personal ambitions and flaws influenced their decision making and contributed to the successes and failures of their reigns. Another strength of Twelve Caesars is Beard’s ability to draw out the human side of the emperors. She vividly portrays their personalities, quirks, and foibles, making them seem like real people rather than just historical figures. One of the most memorable aspects of the book is the way Beard describes the extravagant and often bizarre behavior of the emperors, such as Nero’s obsession with theatre and Caligula’s penchant for dressing up as a god. Through the stories of… Read More