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Why Covid was a dream for new writer Mark Ashbury: about his new book ‘The Fallen’

If there was one thing Covid gave the world – other than unconquerable frustration – it was time. Time, which new author Mark Ashbury used well, to achieve new projects and mount new heights!

His new book The Fallen, is the first volume one of the engrossing ‘Book of Souls’ saga. The new book has been 30 years in the making – and is an impressive tome – that tells the story of one young woman who fights to reclaim her home and her birthright.

She enlists the help of ex-bomb disposal experts, catapulting the entire cast into an unforgettable fantasy adventure unlike anything else on the market.

A cinematic-in-style sci-fi tale that taps into Ashbury’s creative narrative, he harnessed his time furloughed from work to achieve his aspirations and unfurl the tale of Lalitha that spans over the course of a series of books.

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