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Empowering youth with arts & culture: British Museum’s programme ‘Where we are…’

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Charities and cultural venues across the UK have an exciting opportunity to participate in the fourth year of the youth-led British Museum programme, Where we are… This innovative national initiative, tailored for individuals aged 16–24, aims to empower young people by engaging them in arts and culture projects within their local communities. The programme, part of the British Museum’s National Programmes, is launching a national open call to partner with cultural and third sector organizations nationwide. The goal is to collaborate in delivering projects that enable young people to explore and express their perspectives on arts and culture. Where we are… encourages participants to interpret the significance of arts and culture in their lives, allowing for a broad spectrum of creative expressions. In the previous year, projects in Wakefield and Swindon encompassed diverse creative outputs such as photography, ceramics, printmaking, and painting with light. This funded programme serves as a platform to overcome barriers that often hinder young individuals from engaging with local arts and culture scenes. It aims to foster skill development, provide hands-on experience in project management, communication, creative problem-solving, and networking opportunities. Applications are welcome from all types of museums, cultural spaces, and registered third sector organizations working with youth. Following the recruitment of two Key Partners, the programme will specifically reach out to young people typically underserved in the arts and culture sector. Applicants from any background or level of experience, particularly those new to museum engagement, are encouraged to apply through the British Museum website by the deadline of 26th… Read More

Leonardo da Vinci experience Melbourne: a journey into the mind of a genius

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Dedicated to exploring the life of arguably the greatest creative genius the world has ever known, THE LUME Melbourne is thrilled to announce the opening of “Leonardo da Vinci – 500 Years of Genius” in March 2024. This unparalleled experience promises to be the most ambitious, immersive, and breathtaking yet. It’s been two years since Van Gogh at THE LUME forever changed how art is experienced in Australia, presenting masterpieces such as “Starry Nights” in an accessible way that captivated audiences. Now, get ready to step inside the world’s most famous works of art as Mona Lisa and The Last Supper come to life on THE LUME’s colossal canvas at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. This ground-breaking presentation allows visitors to be immersed in the grandeur and intricacies of these masterpieces, providing an intimate encounter with the brilliance of Leonardo’s artistry not possible in traditional museum settings. Leonardo da Vinci, an artist, inventor, scientist, philosopher, and musician, transcends his era. Not only did he create masterpieces never surpassed for their beauty, technique, and anatomical accuracy, but his pioneering contributions in architecture, engineering, and even flight laid the foundations for many modern innovations, making his influence more profound and far-reaching than anyone who has followed. As with all experiences at THE LUME, this isn’t your typical stroll through an art gallery. Prepare to enter a world where the lines between art and reality blur. Engage all your senses with sights, sounds, scents, touch, and taste as you navigate through the vast 3,000m² multi-sensory gallery. The… Read More

Bowery Ball at NGV: celebrating Queer Performance art, fashion and Leigh Bowery’s Legacy

Leigh Bowery

On Friday 22 March 2024, the NGV International will transform into a vibrant oasis of queer art, music, and performance. The grounds will set the stage for a show-stopping, late-night queer party, the Bowery Ball, featuring drag, burlesque, voguing, music, and performance art. The event, named in honour of Melbourne-born iconoclast Leigh Bowery, celebrates the flamboyant creativity and indomitable self-expression of Victoria’s LGBTIQA+ community. Bowery, a renowned twentieth-century performance artist, fashion designer and nightclub impresario, has left a lasting impact on the global queer culture. The Bowery Ball will showcase performances from a slew of Australia’s most gifted contemporary artists, musicians, and provocateurs. The roster includes Logie-nominated drag diva Art Simone, award-winning burlesque “supervillain” Ruby Slippers, jazz pianist virtuoso Rosie Rai, and the drag king alter-egos of Danni Ray and Keely Windred, Dazza and Keif. The Great Hall will form the beating heart of the event, treating guests to mainstage performances late into the evening from nightclub host and costumier Bettie Rosé, multi-award-winning sideshow artist Elle Diablo, and more. Meanwhile, the NGV Garden Restaurant will morph into a swanky piano bar, providing a cosy space for intimate performances and storytelling. The lineup here will include performances by NAIDOC Pride Award-winner 2Joocee, Krayola, and others throughout the evening. As the Bowery Ball coincides with the NGV Triennial, guests will also have the opportunity to take tongue-in-cheek tours of the exhibition, led by some of the night’s performers, including Granny Bingo stalwarts and drag superstars. In true homage to Bowery’s daring style, the dress code will encourage… Read More

Unmissable Ramses Exhibition at Australian Museum set to break records

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Ramses & the Gold of the Pharaohs has come to the Australian Museum in Sydney and it’s already broken records, and is on track to break more. Featuring 182 exquisite and rare artefacts from Ancient Egypt, with the most precious being the coffin of Ramses the Second (AKA Ramses the Great), which has never been displayed anywhere in the world outside of Egypt and Paris. Record breaking on it’s own for Sydney to house such a prestigious cultural exhibition, the ticket sales are also on set to impress. Over 100,000 pre-sale tickets have been sold as people flock to see this once in a lifetime showing. With treasures spanning over 3000 years of Egyptian history, the grandeur of the Ramses Era is on full display and showcases perfectly why the Pharaoh behind famous world wonders like Abu Simbel, was able to inspire such awe. “Ramses the Great was a phenomenon, ” Director and CEO, Australian Museum, Kim McKay AO explains of the ruler who lived to over 90 years of age and ruled for 67 of those, “He was a beloved father, incomparable warrior, and prolific builder whose legacy is both political and cultural. Responsible for countless temples, pyramids and statues, the first ever Peace Treaty, and an enormous, influential family, the stories of Ramses have been retold through generations”. Besides the sarcophagus of Ramses ii, there are many other breathtaking pieces to behold. Alabaster amphoras with their handles intact, the priceless golden masks of Amenemope, the exquisite carved sarcophagi of Sennedjem, the extraordinary necklace… Read More

Salote Tawale: I remember you – A Major Solo Exhibition at Carriageworks

Art Carriageworks

Carriageworks, Sydney, is excited to reveal the first major solo exhibition by Sydney-based Australian-Fijian artist Salote Tawale. Titled I remember you, the exhibition is set to open to the public on Friday, 17 November 2023, and will be on display until Sunday, 28 January 2024. Tawale’s expansive exhibition explores the concept of memory through various mediums such as installation, painting, sculpture, and an intriguing component of karaoke. It is curated across two spaces within Carriageworks, and each space offers a unique exploration of how memory shapes identity. Bay 21 hosts Tawale’s interpretation of Carriageworks’ architecture, transformed into a ‘memory bank’. This immersive environment includes artworks like hanging masks, plywood cut-outs of people and plants, and a unique installation of the artist’s Fijian family home. The gallery also features a karaoke booth, inviting visitors to engage through song. This intriguing installation of partially formed memories, with missing panels and fading flowers, reflects the unpredictability and fallibility of memory. In the Public Space, a stunning 14-meter long bamboo raft titled No Location (2021) is anchored, originally presented at the 10th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art. This piece, based on a childhood memory of a traditional Fijian watercraft, reinterprets the process of making a raft, symbolising Tawale’s experience of displacement. I remember you draws from Tawale’s personal experience as part of the Pacific diaspora in Australia. It embodies her exploration of the relationship between the individual and the collective, materialising memories into tangible forms. The exhibition is accompanied by a variety of public programs, including art-making workshops,… Read More

Your trip to Turkey: Ephesus Experience Museum is a journey through time

Ephesus museum

Nestled within the sacred grounds of Selçuk, Turkey, the Ephesus Experience Museum transports you back in time to the thriving city of Ephesus. Designed by the renowned ATELIER BRÜCKNER, the museum curates an immersive experience that transcends the conventional museum visit, encapsulating the sights, sounds, and even smells of Ephesus of antiquity. Sprawled across a significant 2400 square metres, the museum is designed to cater to a staggering 2200 visitors per day, offering an enticing mix of history, culture, and tradition. Its striking architecture represents an astounding visual spectacle, further enhanced by state-of-the-art audiovisual technology. Here, history unfolds in three distinct chapters, each narrated by a storyteller and complimented by a harmonious soundscape and large-scale 360-degree projections. As you step into the first room, you embark on an odyssey that takes you back to the origins of the city. The prophecies of the Oracle of Delphi, the foundation of the city by Athenian prince Androclos, and the influence of the city’s patron goddess, Artemis, are brought to life. In the second room, you are transported to the city at the height of its glory. From the Arcadian Way to the terraced houses, you bear witness to the city’s rise under Roman rule and the advent of Christianity, with St Paul’s teachings and the construction of the Basilica of St John. The final room is a vivid tribute to Artemis. Providing an immersive, multisensory experience, it majestically brings the goddess to life through intricate light and sound effects, coupled with life-size representations and monolithic screens. The… Read More

Luna Park Sydney Unveils Dream Circus: A Mesmerizing Immersive Experience

Dream Circus

Prepare to be awestruck and captivated as Luna Park Sydney, the iconic amusement park, embarks on an ambitious transformation. The $15 million reimagination project kicks off with the unveiling of Sydney’s Immersive Big Top, home to the spectacular Dream Circus launching on December 22nd, 2023. This grand multi-generational spectacle is set to mesmerise over 50,000 people throughout the summer. Luna Park’s Dream Circus is not your ordinary circus experience. It is a world-first immersive attraction that will take guests on a narrative journey, introduce them to lovable characters, and immerse them in a sensory spectacle like never before. Created by a team of specialist creatives and technicians in Sydney, including the talented Artists in Motion, TDC, and Auditoria, this unique experience promises to leave visitors spellbound. The venue for this extraordinary adventure is Sydney’s Immersive Big Top, a state-of-the-art 3,000sqm multi-purpose entertainment space equipped with cutting-edge technology. With Barco projection technology, spatially mapped audio systems, hologram technology, motion-activated LED screens, and the latest in lighting technology, the Immersive Big Top offers a 360-degree visual and audio immersion across its vast surface area of more than 3,500sqm. But the excitement doesn’t end there. Luna Park’s Immersive Big Top will also serve as a state-of-the-art training facility for future technologists in Sydney. The advanced environment will provide a unique skill development opportunity, offering a vocational pathway into the rapidly growing immersive experience industry. “We are proud to create one of the most technically advanced environments in the country,” says John Hughes, CEO of Luna Park Sydney. “The… Read More

Celebrate the National Gallery bicentenary this year

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As the National Gallery prepares to celebrate its bicentenary, art enthusiasts across the UK are set to be treated to an extraordinary range of exhibitions, events, and interactive experiences. Titled “National Treasures,” the commemorative programme will see twelve of the National Gallery’s most cherished paintings journey to museums and galleries in each region of England, and each nation of the UK. The programme, generously supported by the Garfield Weston Foundation and other donors, promises to engage local communities in a celebration of art and heritage. Digital content will also be readily available on Bloomberg Connects, ensuring that these treasures can be appreciated by a global audience. From Turner’s “The Fighting Temeraire” centring a major exhibition at the Laing Art Gallery in Newcastle, to Monet’s “The Water Lily Pond” inspiring a contemporary commission at York Art Gallery, each masterpiece will serve as a catalyst for exploration and learning. The projects vary widely in theme and approach; the Leicester Museum and Gallery, for instance, will utilise Renoir’s “Umbrellas” to create a digital installation that will transport viewers to the bustling streets of 1880s Paris. The programme also seeks to engage young audiences, as evidenced by Brighton Museum and Art Gallery’s innovative project. Utilising Rembrandt’s “Self Portrait,” local 13–16-year-olds will be invited to contemplate their future selves, culminating in a compelling photography display. Meanwhile, the Ikon Gallery in Birmingham will showcase a contemporary response to Artemisia Gentileschi’s “Self Portrait as St Catherine of Alexandria,” demonstrating the ongoing influence of these historical works. In an exciting addition to the… Read More

Captivating Artistry: Exploring History and Culture with Vincent Namatjira’s ‘Desert Songs’

Namatjira Art Yavuz

Yavuz Gallery, a prominent figure in the contemporary art scene in the Asia Pacific, is excited to announce the major debut exhibition Desert Songs by Western Aranda artist Vincent Namatjira OAM. The exhibition will run from the 5th to the 28th of October, 2023, at the Yavuz Gallery, located in Surry Hills, Sydney. This significant event coincides with the upcoming monograph published by Thames and Hudson, as well as a substantial survey, Australia in colour, which will be presented at the Art Gallery of South Australia in 2023 and the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, in 2024. To commemorate the launch of the exhibition, Yavuz Gallery will host a complimentary artist talk featuring Vincent Namatjira in an engaging conversation with Alexie Glass-Kantor, the Executive Director of Artspace, on Saturday, 7th October at 2pm. Desert Songs will comprise thirteen new paintings, providing a profound look into the themes of leadership, power, and legacy. The exhibition allows Namatjira to delve into his own deeply personal histories through portraits of influential figures who have shaped his life and journey in art, music, and politics. Namatjira’s bold and unashamedly political paintings challenge viewers to contemplate what it means to be Indigenous in Australia, or indeed, the world. The Yavuz Gallery presentation will also showcase celebrated works by Namatjira, including Vincent and Vincent, Charles on Country, and Desert Songs (Albert Namatjira). Born in Alice Springs, Northern Territory, and currently residing in Indulkana on A?angu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands, South Australia, Namatjira is an astute observer of national and international politics…. Read More