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Trade crypto from where you are with Stake

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As of now, you officially don’t need to download yet another finance app to buy, sell and trade your choice of endless crypto options: Stake is adding it to the mix. Adding to their trinity of awesomeness when it comes to trading-on-the-go, they are adding crypto to the line-up of over 8,000 investment products available across the NYSE and ASX. Whether now is a good or bad time to add cryptocurrency to your portfolio isn’t super certain – do your own research – but having a central option for those Stake fans amongst us to add our choices into makes life that much more streamlined. Why are they doing it? Aside from crypto being massive and Stake being one of the best innovations in brokerage for investors of all kinds across the US, Australia and beyond, it looks like it’s a got a good reason behind all that, in itself. In a 2021 research study commissioned by Stake, cryptocurrency was found to be the second most popular form of investment after stocks for Australian investors under 40. And if that’s not enough or makes enough sense, well all this comes off the back of Stake’s initiative of Stake launching a revolutionary CHESS-sponsored ASX offering at just $3 flat brokerage in late 2021. For more and to sign up to Stake to make your own investments, go here