Sneaky tricks to do now that will save you money before end of financial year

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With tax time looming, now is the time to think about lodging your annual tax return. Over the coming months, 13 million Australians will be lodge a return. About 84% of them will get a refund, and with the average size of refunds last year exceeding $2,500 for taxpayers lodging through myTax and over $3,450 […]

Save money on car ownership with these tips

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Owning a car makes life much easier, but there is no doubt it can be expensive. It is widely reported that the price of everything seems to be increasing. From buying a second-hand vehicle to filling it with fuel, rising costs seem to be occurring on everything you buy. With living costs so high right […]

Financial habits worth making

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Are you suffering from financial stress? Signs may include arguing about money, mood swings, depression and difficulty sleeping. In a report conducted by AMP Financial, more than 1.8 million working Australians are dealing with financial stress. Financial stress can stem from: Not developing good financial habits as children Lack of education on how to save […]