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Lend your stocks with Stake: how and why you’d want to do it

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The thought of giving someone else access to your hard-gotten stocks and shares in companies or funds you love is a new concept for a lot of us, but it turns out, not the worst decision you could make! Of course with anything regarding your own cash and investments, do your own research, but here’s some good info to know about what new tricks Stake is offering to those who hold a portfolio with the online broker. What is stock lending? Stock lending with Stake is a concept whereby an owned security is lent to a borrower (to enable practices such as Stock Arbitrage, Index and ETF trading or Hedging) and that borrower pays afee. Similar to an interest payment for borrowing cash. Why is Stake doing it? Well, many traditional stock brokers practice securities lending but typically keep all the returns to themselves. Stake instead has redefined the model to ensure their customers get part of this return.A seamless digital experience will give you control over the lending so you can start earning income on your stocks without having to lift a finger. What else is there to know? Largely, it’s a fair simple concept. You loan out your stocks for a fee that gets paid to Stake and they then share that fee with you. Thing is though, when loaning out, you temporarily transfer ownership of the holding to the loanee, meaning you’ll get a lending fee at a pre-determined frequency and still be owed dividends from the stocks you hold. Bonus! The… Read More

Trade crypto from where you are with Stake

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As of now, you officially don’t need to download yet another finance app to buy, sell and trade your choice of endless crypto options: Stake is adding it to the mix. Adding to their trinity of awesomeness when it comes to trading-on-the-go, they are adding crypto to the line-up of over 8,000 investment products available across the NYSE and ASX. Whether now is a good or bad time to add cryptocurrency to your portfolio isn’t super certain – do your own research – but having a central option for those Stake fans amongst us to add our choices into makes life that much more streamlined. Why are they doing it? Aside from crypto being massive and Stake being one of the best innovations in brokerage for investors of all kinds across the US, Australia and beyond, it looks like it’s a got a good reason behind all that, in itself. In a 2021 research study commissioned by Stake, cryptocurrency was found to be the second most popular form of investment after stocks for Australian investors under 40. And if that’s not enough or makes enough sense, well all this comes off the back of Stake’s initiative of Stake launching a revolutionary CHESS-sponsored ASX offering at just $3 flat brokerage in late 2021. For more and to sign up to Stake to make your own investments, go here

Go investment: The rise of on-the-go investment apps

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No longer do you need to engage a traditional broker to invest your money. Thanks to technology and everything going digital – and the rise of increasingly intelligent apps – it has never been easier to get your foot in the door. Many of the apps available use algorithms to help with the investments, which generally results in less fees and can still assist you in creating an individualised strategy that is low maintenance. So what are the options? Micro-investing apps Micro-investing apps, such as Raiz and Spaceship Voyager, can be used either by people who want to invest a lump sum of money, or by those who prefer to use it as a piggy bank. Both apps give you the option to round-up purchases to the nearest, meaning if you spend $2.40 using your allocated spending account, the app will invest 60 cents for you in your chosen portfolio. Micro-investing apps are great because people can dip their toe into the investing world for as little as $5, whereas many other investment platforms or brokers will require a minimum spend. Your money then gets invested with everyone else’s money, however, you can decide whether you would like to put your money onto modest/safe investments or higher risk/higher reward ones. Micro-investing apps are a great low fuss strategy that especially suits people who are not great at saving. It is also surprisingly effective over time when all of a sudden you have a fair bit of money in there. Another factor that increases traders’ satisfaction is the opportunity to improve their skills within a platform. For instance, a broker… Read More

What’s trending in trading: Stake takes us through the October update

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If you’ve been following the financial news on THE F, then you’d know this very month is the month Stake Australia begins to take in those of us on the wait list! The wait list is for the new platform they’re launching, offering the opportunity to invest in the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) on-the-go from your mobile with $0 brokerage for the first 10,000 customers until 2022. Sign up to Stake now using this VIP code! Ahead of the platform going live and as the first instalment of a monthly ‘what’s trending in trading’ series for THE F readers, we got the insight from the Markets team to update our list of investments to watch for October! *Not financial advice. The value of money you invest in the stock market can go up and down and you may get back less than you invested. Top 5 most traded stocks Tesla (TSLA) Apple (AAPL) Microsoft (MSFT) Palantir (PLTR) Nvidia (NVDA) Top 5 hottest stocks Lucid Group (LCID) ProShares 1.5x Long Volatility (UVXY) Direxion 3x Bull Semiconductor ETF (SOXL) Upstart  (UPST) 3x Inverse FANG+ ETF (FNGD) The stock market’s getting choppy The S&P500 just returned its worst month of the year. Down almost 5% for September, your portfolio may have given up some of the gains the market has generously delivered so far in 2021. One of the benefits of investing in the US markets through Stake is the ability to make the most of volatile or falling markets. A range of ETFs exist to ensure investors… Read More

Join up to invest in the Australian Stock Exchange on-the-go with Stake

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You can officially kiss the big banks and hefty priced investment firms a hearty ‘goodbye’! The moment every Australian investor’s been waiting for is here, courtesy of Stake. As of today, the waitlist is open for you to join the first intake of investors in Stake’s new offering: the ability to invest in the Australian Stock exchange using your phone (or desktop, if you’re classic), with a $0 brokerage fee for those on the BETA version. If you’ve been looking to invest in the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) but the standard $30-ish brokerage fee (the price brokers charge you to make trades) has been a put-off, then relax; Stake is the answer you’ve been hunting for. They’ll charge a tiny $3 brokerage per trade in 2022. Already know about Stake? Join up today with this VIP link If this sounds like the next move in your financial security, then head to the new ASX landing page is up and you can sign up to the waitlist! “We’ve kicked off already. People are trading on the ASX with Stake. We’re opening up thousands more spots, progressively, over the next couple of months. People atop our Beta waitlist will be taken on, which thousands have already signed up to,” said Stake founder and CEO Matt Leibowitz. “You jump ahead in the queue each time you refer a friend to the waitlist. Sign up, refer and climb, and you’ll be trading for free on the ASX until 2022.” It’s one helluva shake-up to the market long-dominated by only… Read More