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Invest smarter: Stake Black is back with a better offering than ever

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So, if you’re in the investment game in Australia, you’d know about Stake Black. And if not, then sit up and pay attention. The new Stake Black membership is bringing sharper trading tools for the U.S. and Australian markets together for the first time. This includes in-depth data for all ASX equities, plus features such as instant buying power and analyst ratings for U.S. stocks. And if you’re wondering if you’re in good company; Stake recently hit the milestone of over one million trades on the Australian market, and reached $2 billion in assets under administration. Nice. Basically, Stake Black will give you more control of your investing journey, with features that enable a faster response to market movements, data to inform investment strategies and access to a broad range of global securities. In short: In-Depth ASX Data to Help Determine Sentiment, Liquidity and Resistance Levels: access to level 2 data for all ASX equities, including full course of sales and market depth tables, displayed in Stake’s intuitive interface. Access to Unsettled Funds for U.S. Stocks for Faster Trading: instant buying power allows funds from U.S. securities to be reinvested immediately, compared to the industry standard settlement time of the trade date plus two days. Full Financials for U.S. Securities to Support Simpler In-Product Research: stats covering the last eight quarters of cash flow, income, and balance sheet statements for U.S. stocks and ETFs make it easy to stay across the details. Added Clarity Through Analyst Ratings and Price Targets for U.S. Stocks: investors can… Read More

Stake Black: the only thing you need for investing

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Investing is one thing, but doing it as a newbie or without much experience can be daunting to put it lightly. There are heaps of changes in the world of investment; from opting for fund managers like Vanguard Australia to doing it yourself with Stake, resources are everywhere when it comes to info and making your own choices. And then, there’s Stake Black: an altogether epic alternative for industry and investment insight like you’ve never seen before. And here’s why. Stake introduced Stake Black for investors who want to take more control of their investments. As an optional add-on for those with a live account, Stake Black offers four key features: 1. Instant buying power – for the more active traders who are looking to move in and out of positions. This allows them to waive the T+2 settlement period and directly reinvest funds from a sale 2. Analyst ratings – one of my favourite features to help make a more informed investment decision. Analyst ratings all you to see how the big banks and investors on Wall St are analysing a stock as a buy/hold or sell 3. Price targets – going a level deeper than Analyst Ratings these give actual price targets the analysts believe the stock will reach 4. Full company financials – access full company financials of your favourite companies all in-app 5. Awesomeness in investing – you also score that sense of being ‘in the know’ and a part of a members-only club of financial movers that care about your… Read More