Stake ASX investment app 2

Love trading but hate brokerage? Sign up to Stake

Stake makes investing simple, fun, interesting, worthwhile… Whatever other superlatives you can come up with.

But aside from all that, they’ve done some sensational stuff in the accessibility of investing – for short or long term – by putting full access to the ASX and NYSE in your hands from anywhere in the world.

And if that’s not enough, by offering insider access to news and research in the form of their paid subscription, Stake Black, the platform is turning around what it means to be financially savvy and plan for the future.

In their latest movement, Stake’s offering Australian investors and those with an interest in the ASX, access again to free brokerage with a clever referral system. Simply encourage three more users to sign up and make a trade and you’ll knock off a dollar for each from every transaction.

Previously considered impossible and getting to $0 brokerage on the ASX has been achieved thanks to a unique ‘three to free’ referral method, allowing customers to refer friends in exchange for discounted brokerage, with the opportunity to continue free brokerage indefinitely.

For each person a customer refers, their brokerage drops by $1 for 1 year. That means just three referrals can get you to $0. Plus, referrals beyond the third are banked and kick-in once another has expired. So, customers can keep their fee-free ASX trading rolling.

For more about Stake and to sign up, use this link

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