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Top holiday destinations for Latinos in 2019

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When it comes to holidays and travelling, few people do it better than Latinos. According to statistics from the National Tour Association (NTA), Hispanics in the US spend over $56 billion in vacations and leisure travel every year. Also, Hispanics are noted as being the fastest-growing demographic in the States. As the number of Latinos and their purchasing power grows, these fun-loving people are increasingly looking for new and exciting holiday destinations. If you are planning a trip for the summer, and you’re looking for ideas, you’ve definitely come to the right place. We’ll take a brief look at how you should choose a great vacation location as well as a few ideas on some great destinations. How to Choose a Great Holiday Location. Ok, you’ve been dreaming of your summer vacation all year, and now, it’s almost here. There’s just one big question on your mind, where exactly should you go? As Sophia King, travel expert from monederosmart.com says: “Answering the big question becomes more comfortable when you can answer a few smaller questions. For example – How much is your budget? How many people are travelling with you? Are you someone that loves the rough, rugged outdoors, or are you looking to be pampered and waited on? Are you planning a romantic summer vacation, or is this a girls’ time out thing? The clearer your answers to these questions are, the easier it’ll be to make a decision.” If you’re worried about taking time off work, it’s worth checking out some of the… Read More

The best holidays that you can invest in today

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When it comes to holidays, many of us can spend all year looking forward to that one fortnight break. We save, we work overtime, we work hard to earn the bonus to pay for it, and we enjoy it when the time comes around. Others have the luxury of traveling more frequently. However, one thing any of us could do is look into the option of investing in further holidays. Here are some of the ones to think about. Getting a caravan  One of the first things that you can consider would be to invest in a caravan. Buying a caravan, that you can then tow or even pay to have located in a holiday park for a certain amount of time in the year means that once you have bought it, you can use it as many times as you want. The only thing to consider would be caravan storage for when you don’t need it, such as in the winter, but other than that, you are good to go. Towing means you can just pitch up and go anywhere, but choosing the right park means you get familiarity and flexibility for your breaks away.  Creating your own motorhome Maybe you like the idea of a caravan, but want to consider a motorhome instead. Some people go as far as to buying a van and converting it themselves. Turning it into something that you would see on Instagram or making it pretty and perfect for you as a couple or as a family. Again… Read More