Surprising ways you can travel while protecting the environment


If your 2020 travel plans have been put on hold, don’t worry. It simply means you have more time to plan your next set of adventures in 2021! You may already have a destination in mind and have your flights rebooked, but have you considered how you could introduce some sustainability into your trip?

International travel and air travel, in particular, are one of the biggest polluters, releasing high levels of greenhouse gases into the environment. Not forgetting large numbers of tourists using additional energy in hotels, increasing the use of single-use plastics, food waste and not forgetting further forms of transport when they arrive and travel around their destinations. Of course, tourists aren’t entirely to blame for the environmental crises we’re facing, however, if everyone (including tourists) does their bit to help the planet, we will all benefit.

Here we’ll explore some surprising ways you can travel and protect the environment.

Choose sustainable fashion

Szade Recycled Campaign 3

Making simple changes can have a big impact on the environment. So, whilst packing for your trip, consider investing in pieces that have been created with sustainability in mind. For instance, Szade sunglasses stock stylish eyewear made from recycled sunglasses. Perfect for protecting your eyes in those sunnier climes, but without adding to landfill or fast fashion practices. By choosing sustainable brands and fashion, you can help protect the planet, reduce waste and save money at the same time!

Reduce your meat consumption when travelling

The meat industry is incredibly destructive, so reducing your meat consumption can have a profound effect on the environment. You can still travel and enjoy some stunning culinary delights – even the meat-free ones! You may find that many countries base their diet around plants and all things vegan and vegetarian. Lebanon, India (also known as the spiritual home of vegetarianism), Greece and even Vietnam are recognised for their meat-free dishes and their vegetarian influences.

Bring lots of eco-friendly products

Everything from your own reusable water bottle, to your own cutlery, Tupperware, bamboo toothbrush, shopping bags, reusable cotton pads and more. If you choose to bring your own eco-friendly products along with you, you’ll reduce your need for single-use plastics and other harmful items. Also, consider bringing along your own shampoo and bath products rather than using the ones provided in your hotel. If you’re in need of more inspiration, here are four other ideas to be eco-friendly.

Avoid animal exploitation

If you’re planning to visit an animal sanctuary whilst on your travels, then you should always conduct plenty of research beforehand. Any opportunity you’re given to pose, ride or have your photograph taken with a wild or animal in captivity should raise ethical questions. Animals should be left alone in the wild and not exploited for the tourist industry.

And finally, be hotel smart

You’re on vacation, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t remember to switch off all the lights and electronics in your hotel room. Don’t let bad eco habits creep in simply because someone else is paying the bill. Try to conserve as much energy and water as possible on your trip.