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Sydney Mardi Gras’ groundbreaking 2024 program: Our Future

Mardi Gras Sydney pool party

Australia’s most vibrant and inclusive celebration, the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, is set to return from 16 February to 3 March 2024 with a spectacular program. The festival will charge into our future with its biggest and boldest program yet, featuring over 100 electrifying community events, dance parties, and performances. The 2024 festival aims to connect the past, present, and future, celebrating 45 years of Sydney Mardi Gras history, while illuminating the path to a dazzling future. The festival will echo the voices of our communities, champion progress, and instigate impactful change. The theme for 2024, ’Our Future,’ is brought to life through a creative campaign that reimagines tarot cards as celebrations of local LGBTQIA+ trailblazers, from HIV+ campaigners to trans and gender-diverse icons. The campaign is a testament to an unwavering commitment to representation and a call to imagine a bright future for all. A few new and major events of 2024 include the Bondi Beach Party, the Ultra Violet party for LGBTQIA+ women, Festival First Light, a city-wide Welcome to Country ceremony, Hot Trans Summer, a total trans and gender-diverse takeover of Glass Island, and many more. Sydney Mardi Gras celebrates not only the LGBTQIA+ community but the diversity and vibrancy that Sydney represents as Australia’s only truly global city. Visitors can also explore renowned galleries, museums and theatres, and the city’s thriving arts, music, and culture scene. Tickets for the 2024 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras go on sale at 10am on Monday 20 November. Visit www.mardigras.org.au to browse… Read More

The 2020 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras theme and program has been revealed and it’s magical

Mardi Gras 2020

What Matters has been revealed as the theme for the 2020 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras and it promises to be bigger and bolder than ever.  The theme builds on the legacy of Mardi Gras – a platform for activism, encouraging the community to think about creating a more inclusive future.  “This year we celebrate those at the forefront of the fight for equality. From ground-breaking queer artists to trailblazing thought leaders, Mardi Gras 2020 is an opportunity to visit the next destinations on our journey of diversity, inclusion and social justice,” says Mardi Gras Arts Interim CEO, Grant Lowe.  Mark it on your calendars! Friday 14 February 2020 is when the festivities kick off, with a diverse program of events running until Sunday 1 March 2020. They’ll be dazzling dance parties, top-tier theatre, music, world-class workshops and family-focused fun, with the iconic Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade taking place on Saturday 29 February, 2020. The post-Mardi Gras Parade celebrations will continue with the iconic Mardi Gras Party happening at the Hordern Pavilion with the electrifying Dua Lipa headlining. The pavillion and its surrounding areas will be transformed into a brand-new adult playland with the party starting at 11pm – 8am. Fourth release tickets are on sale now.  There’s a supersized program on offer including the pre-eminent vogue ball, Sissy Ball and iconic festival classics such as Fair Day and Laneway, the traditional closing event of Mardi Gras. There’s no shortage of thought-provoking workshops and community events, with Queer Thinking taking over… Read More

Fat burners before Mardi Gras? Bulk Nutrients explains how to drop that last little layer

Elevated view of a young man bench-pressing barbell in the gym

When you’re living in as sun-soaked a city as Sydney, if you identify as LGBTIQ or their friends, or you plan on going to the gay party to end all gay parties, the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras after party, then showing skin almost feels like a prerequisite. Of course, it’s not; but you’d be kidding yourself if you thought you’d go without gawking at a few finely tuned torsos and their hangers-on as your prowl the grounds of Hordern Pavillion in the dead of night. The good thing about the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras is, though, that regardless of who you are, what you look like and what you like to do with who, you’re welcome; and if keeping up with the Joneses if your thing, then we’ve done some of the hard work for you. Bulk Nutrients are Australia’s own, and the people to go to for your protein and health nutrition and supplements and this Mardi Gras, we’re talking all thing fat burners and protein to aid you in your quest to shred that last little layer of love to look at your optimum prime. We spoke to Brodie West, marketing manager and pro-LGBTIQ-er himself about bods, burners and how to do both, best. When it comes to the big Mardi Gras after party night, there’s a lot of perceived pressure to look good, but as Brodie says, it’s not all about what you look like. “I think there is an element of perceived pressure to look good for Mardi Gras,… Read More

Mardi Gras drinks: Parade views from the Pullman Hyde Park

James Banham Pullman Rainbow Lounge

There’s nothing quite as gay as Mardi Gras, so if glitter, rainbows, hot bods, banging music and drinks are your thing, then heading to the Pullman Hyde Park in Sydney is where you need to be. From beside the marshalling area of the annual Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras down Oxford Street, the Pullman is serving drinks, food, rainbows and fabulosity like no other venue along the strip. The level 1 full length windows provide prime position to look down upon the parade’s rabble, in all their semi-nude, musically-fuelled, pro-LGBTIQ glory. Aptly named the Rainbow Room, it’s the place to be this 2 March 2019. Found at the top of College Street, just metres from Oxford Street’s official parade starting line, Pullman Hyde Park is serving up tickets for $149 per person that include exclusive entry to the bright and bold Rainbow Room, bottomless beverages from pop-up bars by event sponsors Gayle, Australia’s first equality conscious beer and cider. Top that off with Absolut – don’t miss their Absolut recovery brunch at the Beresford – canapés and fabulous entertainment from drag queen hosts Shebeast & Tora Hymen, with music by DJ Victoria Anthony. Following on after the fabulous pre-parade festivities, guests can make an exit, flashing their wrist bands to be given exclusive access to a College Street viewing area, allowing them to make their way through the glittering explosion that is the Mardi Gras Parade. Get your tickets at the Pullman’s website.

Battle of the drag queens: The Winery hosts a rumble for mental health

Sydney drag queen

Elizabeth, who? The real Queens of Sydney are about to turn up, do battle and do some good while they’re at it at Surry Hills’ The Winery, who’re putting on a gay royal rumble to donate dollars to the Black Dog Institute, for mental health. It’s all a part of the annual Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. Queens Minnie Cooper and Hanna Conda will battle it out to Lady Gaga and Freddie Mercury; Charisma Belle and Sia Tequila duelling Tina Turner, Cher and Dolly Parton on Wednesday and Sia Tequila and Jaquie St Hyde channelling Madonna and Kylie Minogue on Thursday, before the ultimate Battle of the Legends on Friday 1 March. It’s a full line-up that will donate 25% of ticket sales to Black Dog Institute, a research institute that works to reduce the incidence of mental illness and the stigma attached to it. Tickets for The Mardi Gras Tribute Nights are $20 with an Absolut cocktail on arrival and will run from Tuesday 26 February to Friday 1 March from 5pm. Tickets can be purchased from The Winery’s website.

KING by Shaun Parker for Sydney Mardi Gras: A Review

KING Shaun Parker 3

Being a gay man in 2019 really is a revelation. In 30-or-so years, gay men and women have gone from the ostracised outcasts of abnormality, to something few people bat an eyelid to. But it’s the underlying tone of masculinity and what exactly that is, and the questioning of it, that has been the most rocking of qualities of the homosexual existence since it first came into common parlance in the mid 20th century. Fast forward to today, when we’re looking at KING, a dance production choreographed by Shaun Parker and musically backed by Ivo Dimchev and you have a culmination of the story of males that could only be done in collaboration with the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras festival 2019. KING is a dance production of 10 male dancers and Dimchev himself, a Bulgarian choreographer, visual artist, singer-songwriter that explores Parker’s (choreographer) trademark highly physical choreography in an articulate interrogation of male power, control and group dynamic, expertly exposing the brutality of macho ritual and the human toll of toxic masculinity. In short: KING is the Queen of Mardi Gras in 2019 that is a visually striking, musically intoxicating and artistically rousing performance that makes you three things: proud to be gay, proud to be around gays and proud to be in an age where the concept of masculinity can be picked apart, dissected and danced away as a farce, open to artistic interpretation and playfulness, welcoming of all. And then, of course, there’s the striking vocals of Dimchev who’s obviously a… Read More

Mardi Gras gives planet a shimmery glimmer of hope and goes green

Maxi Shield drag queen Mardi Gras 2

There is arguably no more a glittery or gay an event than that of the topless men, drag queens and colourful parade goers at Sydney’s annual Gay and Lesbian Mari Gras. This year though, offers something different. Revellers are trading in their sparkly rainbow stripes for something a little more eco-friendly with event organisers revealing that the major event is going green. Sydney Mardi Gras has not only committed to phasing out glitter (shock), but balloons and single-use plastic water bottles from their major events, too. When talking to The Sydney Morning Herald, Terese Casu, Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras chief executive revealed, “we used to bring in about three tonnes of glitter from China.” “That goes in the gutter, it ends up in our oceans, our fish eat it, you find it in crab shells and oysters. We must be responsible and make really urgent changes,” she said. Production manager, Liz Carter, is joining the campaign helping many of the parades iconic floats “go green” by encouraging the use of LEDs, lanterns and fluorescent lights. “You have to think about the environment. Every festival has a carbon footprint and everyone has to think about that,” she said. For those looking for an equally shimmery environmentally friendly option, there are plenty of options available such as BioConfetti or Glitterazzi. See more at the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras website.

Have brunch at the Beresford for Mardi Gras with Absolut

Absolut brunch toast

When the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras descends on Sydney, it means three things: more nudity, more drinking, less food, but better quality, at least. That’s why Absolut – who do those fabulous little gay bottles of vodka at this time of year – have again partnered with Sydney’s gay church Sunday session at the Beresford by Merivale, to put on a Mardi Gras brunch for the whole season. With brunch options for everyone (not just LGBTIQ people) on 17 and 24 February and 4 March, there’s enough of an excuse to get out and ‘be scene’, from 11-1 in February and 12-3 in March for the self titled “recovery brunch”. With standard brunch fare like eggs, bacon, hash roestis and such, it’s an all encompassing offering, but it’s the hero Absolut cocktails that really make it. Here’s the menu. Find the Beresford at 364 Bourke Street, Surry Hills.

What’s on at the Sydney Mardi Gras after party 2019

Mardi Gras after party Sydney 1

Last year, we had Cher headline the biggest LGBTIQ party in Sydney, the Mardi Gras after party. This year, we have Jake Shears from the Scissor Sisters as well as over nine other acts from literally all over the world. From Australia’s own Courtney Act – fresh off the back of her attempt at saving Australia in Eurovision – to Boris and Late Nite Tuff Guy from Berlin’s Berhain, there’s something for all kinds of party people and what they need to keep them going until the party shuts down at 8am on Sunday. The Royal Hall of Industries at Sydney’s Hordern Pavillion will be turned into a Neon Playground, a fluro-pop inspired wonderland featuring performances by International pop star Kim Petras (USA), and local legends PNAU, Courtney Act and Briefs. The DJ lineup features international DJs Toy Armada & DJ GRIND (Singapore/USA) and Kitty Glitter and local favourites Amanda Louise and Dom De Sousa. Couple with that, performances by Briefs, HANDSOME, Paul Capsis and Vogue dancing masters House of Slé featuring special guest Leiomy Maldonado who’ll join PNAU and Kim Petras. It’s going to be huge. uge enough to consider renaming the whole Pavillion to The Black Palace for this night-of-nights, becoming a seductive and decadent underground world in a heady mix of the Palace of Versailles meets Versace socked in the decadence of the underground Berlin club scene. Check out more at the Mardi Gras website.