Fat burners before Mardi Gras? Bulk Nutrients explains how to drop that last little layer

Elevated view of a young man bench-pressing barbell in the gym

When you’re living in as sun-soaked a city as Sydney, if you identify as LGBTIQ or their friends, or you plan on going to the gay party to end all gay parties, the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras after party, then showing skin almost feels like a prerequisite. Of course, it’s not; but you’d […]

Recipe: Protein breakfast ‘brekkie’ bowl with Bulk Nutrients

Bulk Nutrients brekkie bowl

Serves 2 Ingredients: 2 serves (50g) Bulk Nutrients Egg Breakfast 1-1 1/2c cooked quinoa (approx.200g) 3 stalks of kale 6 mushrooms 6 cherry tomatoes 2 tbsp pine nuts spring onion bean shoots Method: 1. Cook the quinoa. We cooked ours in vegetable stock to add the flavours. 2. Heat a pot and add in some […]

Exercise, health and fitness: Bulk Nutrients is changing it all

Bulk Nutrients influencer

When you think ‘protein powder’, you think orange men, gigantic drums of whey powder in scary big portions with scary-bad flavours and the gym. If you’re into that; great! If you’re not and exercise for fun instead of a profession, then you’re going to be in the market for something else. This is exactly why […]

How to take-on a two-day fitness bender in Hobart with Bulk Nutrients – and survive

James Banham Bulk Nutrients

Sure there’s exercise and fitness, but doing it in Sydney on Bondi Beach, glistening under the southern sun in a balmy 25-degrees is┬ánothing compared to doing it in the freezing cold in Hobart. Or up an even colder mountain. But, when you and a contingent of six other faces and folks in the Aussie fitness […]

Not-so-naughty protein cake pops with Bulk Nutrients supplements

Chocolate cake pops

Winter means comfort food and nothing says “comfort” quite like cake-on-a-stick, right? Cake pops came about a few years ago and haven’t gone anywhere, but instead, changed to accommodate the awesome things you can now do with healthier alternatives like chocolate flavoured protein powder by the likes of Australian brand Bulk Nutrients. Here’s how to […]