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Flamenco dance show comes to Sydney

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The Royal Opera of Madrid and Fever, known for their successful collaboration on a world tour last year, are back together. If you’re heading to London, don’t miss the Flamenco Festival there at Sadler’s Wells! They will present the critically acclaimed traditional flamenco dance show, Authentic Flamenco, in Sydney this June for a limited engagement. This captivating live performance will enchant audiences with the soul-stirring artistry of flamenco, a beloved Spanish cultural treasure celebrated worldwide. Tickets for Authentic Flamenco are now available for purchase starting today. Don’t miss this opportunity to witness the magic of flamenco brought to life on stage in Sydney. Authentic Flamenco has garnered praise and admiration across continents, drawing in over 124,000 attendees globally. This year, the show promises to dazzle spectators at Sydney’s Seymour Centre on Friday, June 28, 2024 and Saturday, June 29, 2024. Prepare to be mesmerized by a 65-minute live presentation by SO-LA-NA Entertainment, renowned for creating exclusive and captivating performances. Experience a display of raw passion and emotion showcased by a talented lineup of artists: Event information For more details and ticket purchases, visit Authentic Flamenco Show. In London, there’s only one place you need to go for more Flamenco; Sadler’s Wells!

Experience break dancing like never before this MAy

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Get ready to experience the ultimate celebration of hip hop culture, innovation, and artistry at Breakin’ Convention 2024. An international festival of Hip Hop dance theatre, it’ll be taking over Sadler’s Wells in Islington this coming May Bank Holiday. Enthusiastically helmed by the visionary UK hip hop maker and Breakin’ Convention Artistic Director Jonzi D, this festival has become a beacon for fans and creators of hip hop from around the globe. The excitement is palpable as we gear up for two days packed with jaw-dropping performances, interactive workshops, and live music that promise to electrify the Sadler’s Wells venues on Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 May. With an extraordinary lineup featuring international sensations like Femme Fatale (USA), Sons of Wind (France), and Jinjo crew (South Korea), alongside groundbreaking UK acts such as TRAPLORD, Boy Blue, and When Time Was New, this festival is set to showcase the dynamic and diverse world of hip hop dance theatre. Attendees of all ages can look forward to a vast array of activities including spectacular dance performances, bespoke graffiti workshops, freestyle sessions, and even live DJs sessions that guarantee to keep the energy high and the spirit of hip hop alive throughout the entire building. Not to mention, the festival coincides with the historic moment of breaking becoming an official Olympic sport at the Paris Olympics, adding an extra layer of exhilaration to the festivities. Beyond the performances, Breakin’ Convention 2024 invites audiences to engage directly with the hip hop community through unique events such as the Tiny… Read More

For excellent Flamenco, look to Sadler’s Wells

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Step into a world where tradition meets innovation, where old blends seamlessly with new to create something entirely original and electrifying. At Sadler’s Wells, the iconic Paco Peña, accompanied by his talented Paco Peña Dance Company, presents Solera – a captivating production that breathes new life into the timeless art of flamenco. As the evening unfolds, prepare to be mesmerised by a fusion of exceptional music, dance, and passion that transcends boundaries and embodies the essence of human emotions in all their raw beauty. The show opens with a symphony of everyday sounds that seamlessly transform into a vibrant celebration of the human spirit. Take away the traditional red Flamenco dress and imagine you’re in a studio with friends who are just chilling and decide to have a dance. They chat in-between sets, sip water, play on their phones – all normal every day stuff – that plays an insightful and very real backdrop to the magic unfolding in the foreground. From the rhythmic beats of percussionist Julio Alcocer to the exquisite melodies woven by guitars and voices, every moment is a testament to the skill and artistry of the performers. Directed with precision by Jude Kelly CBE, Solera masterfully transitions from the mundane to the magical, immersing the audience in a world of colour, light, and drama that is nothing short of spellbinding. In the second act, the stage comes alive with a spectacle of performance, accentuated by striking costumes and evocative lighting that elevate the talents of the company to new heights. Dancers… Read More

4 reasons to get excited for ‘Frontiers: Choreographers of Canada’s at Sadler’s Wells

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This exceptional triple bill showcases the extraordinary talents of three distinguished Canadian choreographers: Crystal Pite, Emma Portner, and James Kudelka, promising an unforgettable journey through the world of contemporary ballet.

Carmen is coming to Sadler’s Wells in London

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In an event that harmoniously blends tradition with contemporary flair, Sadler’s Wells Theatre unfolds its red carpet for Acosta Danza, as they present the UK premiere of Carlos Acosta’s version of Carmen from the 2nd to the 6th of July, 2024. This adaptation by the dance legend Carlos Acosta gives a new lease of life to Georges Bizet’s opera, stirring the soul nearly two centuries after Prosper Mérimée penned the original story. Carlos Acosta himself steps onto the stage, not just as a creator but as a performer, embodying ‘The Bull’ – a symbol of fate and destiny. This role, specially crafted by Acosta, emerges from his deep-seated desire to encapsulate the essence of the narrative while marking his departure from the Royal Ballet. His rendition of Carmen holds onto the timeless and universal appeal of the tale yet introduces a fresh perspective by minimising the setting to its core elements. Joining forces with Acosta Danza are Principal dancers Laura Rodriguez, Enrique Corrales, and Alejandro Silva, alongside guest stars from the Birmingham Royal Ballet – Yaoqian Shang, Javier Rojas, and Lachlan Monaghan, who will portray Carmen, Don José, and Escamillo, respectively. This cast embodies the spirit of the characters they portray, bringing to life the tragic tale of love, passion, and jealousy. Carmen’s story has always captivated the imagination of many, attracting a variety of choreographers such as Marius Petipa and Roland Petit to its fiery core. The opera’s enchanting melodies like the ‘Toreador Song’ and ‘Habanera’ continue to resonate, underscoring the opera’s enduring popularity… Read More

Flamenco Festival 2024 at Sadler’s Wells

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The Flamenco Festival is set to make a triumphant return to Sadler’s Wells this summer for its 19th edition, spanning from Tuesday 4 to Saturday 15 June. This eagerly anticipated event promises an electrifying showcase of flamenco artistry, featuring seven UK premieres and captivating performances from acclaimed flamenco luminaries. The festival’s program will be a vibrant fusion of dance performances and concerts, delivering a compelling and unforgettable experience for all attendees. The festival kicks off with a mesmerizing performance by Rocío Molina in Al Fondo Riela on Tuesday 4 June. Molina, known for her innovative approach and subversion of flamenco traditions, presents a piece that revolves around reflection and the loss of reality, encapsulated by the original flamenco trio of dance, song, and guitar. Accompanied by two contrasting guitarists, Oscar Lago and Yerai Cortés, Molina’s performance promises to be a captivating exploration of traditional flamenco combined with innovative flair. Returning to the festival after her remarkable appearance in 2019, Rocío Molina has been recognized for her exceptional talent, winning the Critics’ Circle National Dance Award for outstanding female performance and being awarded the prestigious Silver Lion at the Venice Biennale in 2022. The festival continues to dazzle with a concert by the renowned flamenco guitarist Vicente Amigo on Wednesday 5 June. Amigo, celebrated as one of the most accomplished flamenco guitarists of his generation and a Latin Grammy Award-winner, will present a concert that seamlessly blends classical and nuevo flamenco, incorporating elements of jazz, folk, and South American rhythms while preserving the essence of flamenco…. Read More

Hear from New York City Ballet soloist Sara Adams

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The celebrated New York City Ballet (NYCB) is set to make its highly anticipated debut at Sadler’s Wells in March 2024, showcasing an array of works that signal both a nod to its storied past and a leap into the future. Among the slated UK premieres are pieces by the creative minds of Kyle Abraham, Justin Peck, and Pam Tanowitz, alongside a revered classic from the company’s co-founder George Balanchine. This marks a historic moment, as it will be the first time the company has graced a London stage since 2008, during its landmark 75th anniversary celebrations. NYCB stands as a beacon of contemporary ballet, distinguished by its remarkable speed, musicality, and avant-garde style. Founded in 1948 by the legendary George Balanchine and arts patron Lincoln Kirstein, the company has tirelessly pushed the boundaries of ballet into new realms, maintaining its reputation as one of the premiere institutions in the world of dance. Justin Peck’s Rotunda, with its dynamic commissioned score by Nico Muhly and a vibrant ensemble of 12 dancers, embodies the innovative spirit at the heart of NYCB. Peck, who has amassed an impressive portfolio of over 20 works for the company alongside notable external projects, continues to solidify his role as a pivotal figure in modern choreography. Balanchine’s Duo Concertant, a striking duet accompanied by two onstage musicians, revisits the thematic and musical brilliance of Igor Stravinsky, a highlight from the legendary Stravinsky Festival of 1972. Balanchine, a towering figure in 20th-century ballet, leaves an indelible mark on NYCB, ensuring his foundational… Read More

Flamenco in London: Paco Peña’s “Solera”

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Flamenco enthusiasts, mark your calendars! Paco Peña, the esteemed flamenco guitarist, composer, and producer, alongside his talented company, is set to grace the stage of Sadler’s Wells Theatre with “Solera” from Wednesday, April 17th to Saturday, April 20th. This highly anticipated return follows the resounding success of its initial run in 2022, promising an enthralling exploration of artistic wisdom and the fearless pursuit of new expression under the guidance of Peña and his long-time collaborator, theatre director Jude Kelly CBE. The heart of “Solera” draws inspiration from the solera system, a traditional aging process for wine hailing from Andalucía in Southern Spain. This fascinating method involves fractional blending, resulting in a beverage that embodies a mixture of ages, with its average age increasing gradually over the years. The term “solera,” meaning “on the ground” in Spanish, refers to the lower level of the barrels used in this process, symbolizing the transfer of liquid from top to bottom, echoing the rich history and evolution of flamenco tradition. At the core of Peña’s spectacle is the celebration of flamenco’s heritage, passed down through generations while embracing new forms of expression. “Solera” brings together both seasoned and emerging talents, uniting young and mature artists, including dancers, musicians, and singers. Witness the mesmerizing synergy as 81-year-old guitar virtuoso Paco Peña performs alongside the innovative young flamenco guitar exponent, Dani de Morón, accompanied by the rhythmic prowess of dancers Angel Muñoz, Adriana Bilbao, and Gabriel Matías, who brings his specialized flamenco expertise from Madrid. The production beautifully captures the essence… Read More