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The kind of care you need: Mercedes has launched its new A-Class

Merceses Benz aclass 4

With today’s rapid and constant advancement in technology, Mercedes seems to be at the front if it all with its latest and smallest model  – The A-Class – which has been launched and is now poised to revolutionise the way humans, car and technology all interact. Mercedes seems to have an exciting future planned. A future where cars will anticipate our needs and connect us to the greater world in surprising new ways – kind of like the iPhone did back when that first launched. Mercedes is planning fully electric and emission-free cars as well as fully autonomous vehicles are at an advanced stage of development, all of which will be hitting the road in the next handful of years. Or probably a lot longer. “The AI creates a much more personal connection to the car, and it’s got the technology that over time it will learn your habits. It’s incredible, but so accessible as well,” said Cam McEvoy. Talk of how technology has rapidly advanced in the last 10 years, the technological advancements in the new A-Class now allow us to now connect with the greater world. Jerry Stamoulis who then filled us in with the finer details of the new model as well as all the start-ups that Mercedes Benz invest in aside from their main focus of automotive. This of course is a decision to move towards the future of travel – a driverless, emissions-free car. The new Mercedes-Benz A-Class is on sale now and starts at $47,200. Visit mercedes-benz.com.au for more.