Discover the home of Australian whisky at Starward’s new distillery and bar precinct

starward distillery tour

10 minutes from the heart of Melbourne lies a gem that embodies the spirit of Australian whisky-making: Starward Distillery. After winning 24 Double Gold medals in 2 years, Starward goes even bigger with its recent unveiling of a brand-new distillery tour and bar experience, whisky enthusiasts and novices alike are in for an immersive journey into the world of premium Australian whisky, that is unashamedly modern.

What sets Starward apart is its unique approach to whisky production, which harnesses the rich flavours of Australian wine country, local barley and a belief that whisky is for everyone. It’s also set apart thanks to being the only whisky in Australia that has a bar, bottling, distilling and ageing on site. Starward’s new distillery tour offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the craftsmanship and dedication that goes into creating their signature spirit. Visitors are invited on a guided exploration through the distillery’s state-of-the-art facilities, where every step of the whisky-making process is unveiled, from the sourcing of locally grown grains to the meticulous aging in Australian wine barrels, and yes, you get to taste every step of the way.

starward distillery whisky tasting

Starward Distillery visitors can also unwind and savour the fruits of Starward’s labor at the chic onsite bar, where a curated selection of their finest whiskies awaits. From smooth single malts to bold expressions aged in red wine barrels, plus cocktails and bar snacks (cheese pairs VERY well with whisky!), there’s something to tantalise every palate. Knowledgeable bartenders are on hand to provide insights into the tasting notes and nuances of each whisky, ensuring a memorable and personalised experience for every guest. The space is made for sharing and relaxing, something Starward founder, David Vitale, wanted to champion by creating a whisky that could be taken out of the special occasion cabinet and be put into the sharing cabinet.

Great whiskies talk about the place they’re made, and so does the food at Starward! For the first time, Starward will also offer a carefully curated food menu, inspired by Melbourne’s vibrant culinary scene and led by Head Chef Drew Traynor (ex Eau De Vie). Each dish is designed to work in harmony with the whisky, and feautures small plates and sharing dishes crafted from locally sourced ingredients, with all producers located within a day’s drive of the distillery. The house baked spent barley bread with Pure Peninsula honey and whisky butter is a carb that will live rent free in your mind for days to come. We also recommend finishing the meal with the Affogato, which is paired with house Starward whisky and wattle seed ice-cream and ginger beer shortbread.

starward distillery menu

Tailored for both the seasoned whisky connoisseur as well as those eager to learn more, the new Starward Distillery and Bar introduces a world of seasonal and signature cocktails, showcasing the versatility of Starward whisky. From classic whisky sours to boilermaker pairings, each drink is crafted to highlight the nuanced flavours of Starward’s fruit forward, Melbourne- made whisky. Guests will also be able to choose from a curated selection of local wines and beers, celebrating the best of Victorian producers and Starward collaborators.

If that’s not enough, in an exciting first for Starward, a ‘Fill Your Own Bottle’ experience is the newest addition to the distillery’s repertoire, allowing whisky lovers to bottle their own Starward whisky under the guidance of a resident Starward expert. Pour straight from the barrel of your choosing and customise your own label to take home for yourself, as a gift for someone worthy.

starward distillery fill your own

Starward’s new distillery tour and bar epitomise the spirit of innovation and hospitality that defines the Australian whisky scene. It’s not just a journey through the production process; it’s an invitation to discover the soul of Australian whisky and create lasting memories with every sip.