Exciting news from Ford: the new Mach-E GT is coming to Oz

Daniel Riccardo Ford Mach e 1

Ford Australia is set to launch the Mustang Mach-E electric SUV later this year, marking the company’s first all-electric passenger vehicle, they have announced at this year’s Melbourne International Grand Prix at Albert Park. Three different variants of the Mach-E, namely Select, Premium, and GT, will be offered to customers, each designed to provide exhilarating […]

The kind of care you need: Mercedes has launched its new A-Class

Merceses Benz aclass 4

With today’s rapid and constant advancement in technology, Mercedes seems to be at the front if it all with its latest and smallest model  – The A-Class – which has been launched and is now poised to revolutionise the way humans, car and technology all interact. Mercedes seems to have an exciting future planned. A future […]