A place to eat in Coogee: Marra Bar & Grill

Coogee Bay Hotel Sydney

As the leaves turn and we welcome the cooler, more reflective seasons of autumn and winter, the Coogee Bay Hotel proudly unveils its latest culinary delights at the renowned Marra Bar & Grill. This eagerly anticipated menu refresh aligns perfectly with the launch of the “Quintessentially Coogee” campaign, a heartfelt initiative designed to reward patrons and cement the hotel’s deep-rooted allegiance to its local community. Nestled in the vibrant heart of Coogee and boasting unparalleled views of its iconic beach, Marra Bar & Grill has long stood as a beacon of exceptional dining.

This season’s offerings bring to the table an enriched palette of flavors, starting with perfectly seared Scallops atop a rustic blend of crushed peas and potato scallops – a true homage to autumn’s bounty. The curated Charcuterie Board, with its fine selection of Ortiz anchovies, delicately shaved jamón, and De Palma salami, along with marinated olives and pickles, provides the perfect shareable feast for those crisp coastal evenings.

Continuing with the theme of comforting classics, the menu features the heartwarming Bangers & Mash—pork & fennel sausages served over a bed of silky colcannon and finished with a mustard jus. The oven-roasted half chicken, accompanied by kipfler potatoes seasoned with thyme and parmesan, captures the essence of home-cooked warmth. For those seeking a more refined touch to the traditional pub fare, the Wagyu Burger offers a gourmet twist, and the zesty Chicken Wings, served with a cooling ranch dressing, promise to tantalize the taste buds. Seafood lovers are not forgotten, with the Casarecce Pasta, adorned with fresh, local prawns and drenched in a luxurious lobster stock, standing as a testament to the kitchen’s prowess.

The culinary voyage concludes on a sweet note with innovative desserts like the Caramel Tiramisu and a refreshingly tart Lemon Curd paired with Raspberry Sorbet, each serving as a fitting finale to the dining experience.

But the allure of Coogee Bay Hotel extends far beyond its menu. The “Quintessentially Coogee” campaign invites diners to immerse themselves in the community spirit by offering a chance to win fabulous prizes. From now until the end of May, each diner at Marra Bar & Grill will receive a scratch card with every bill, ensuring everyone leaves a winner. Prizes range from gourmet T-bone steaks and exclusive bottles of CBH 150th Anniversary Wine to generous bill discounts and more.

In addition, The Barrel by Coogee Bay Hotel joins the festivities with a ‘spin to win’ promotion, guaranteeing a prize with every spin, be it additional bottles of wine, discounts, free merchandise, and other exciting rewards.

For those eager to experience the heart of Coogee’s culinary excellence and partake in the excitement of the Quintessentially Coogee campaign, a visit to Marra Bar & Grill at Coogee Bay Hotel is a must. To discover more and plan your visit, go to coogeebayhotel.com.au and www.thebarrel.au.