ST. ALi coffee in Melbourne has a new shop

ST. ALi Bali Hi Res 12

ST. ALi, the revered Melbourne coffee institution, is thrilled to announce the opening of its latest venture on Bali’s shores. This April, coffee aficionados and culinary enthusiasts will be welcomed at the brand new ST. ALi cafe located on the ground floor of the avant-garde FURTHER HOTEL in the lively and promising district of Pererenan. This expansion marks a significant milestone, promising to infuse Bali’s blossoming coffee scene with ST. ALi’s celebrated blend of premium coffee and gastronomic flair. “Expanding into Bali presents an exhilarating opportunity for us to introduce the ST. ALi philosophy to a wider audience. Pererenan’s evolving culinary landscape and its rich, immersive culture provide the ideal setting for our brand to flourish,” proclaimed Lachlan Ward, CEO of ST. ALi.

FURTHER HOTEL has quickly made its mark since its establishment in 2023, earning accolades for its innovative hotel concept that seamlessly integrates with the community ethos of Bali’s southwest coastline. This collaboration between ST. ALi and FURTHER HOTEL is set to enrich the guest experience significantly, marrying the hotel’s novel approach with ST. ALi’s expertise in coffee and cuisine. “Partnering with ST. ALi to bring the essence of Melbourne’s coffee culture to Pererenan is a fulfillment of a long-held aspiration,” expressed Simon Digby, Co-Founder of FURTHER HOTEL. “Facing some of Bali’s most sought-after surf spots, we anticipate ST. ALi will become a morning hub for surfers eager for their coffee fix.”

In line with this partnership, ST. ALi Bali, supported by its local Indonesian partner and renowned coffee roaster Common Grounds, is committed to delivering its famed coffee blends, tailored with a distinct Balinese flair yet true to its Melbourne roots. The collaboration ensures a seamless fusion of ST. ALi’s essence within the bustling ambiance of FURTHER HOTEL. Executive Chef, Daniel Dobra, known affectionately as ‘Dobbers’, has taken helm of the Bali kitchen, guaranteeing the culinary excellence ST. ALi patrons have come to expect. The café will serve a blend of beloved Melbourne staples and exciting Bali-inspired creations, featuring enticing options from ‘Dobber’s Pancakes’ for breakfast to a hearty ‘Royale With Cheese’ for lunch.

“Meeting the expectations of our guests, our menu is designed to transport the Melbourne brunch vibe straight to Pererenan. Ready to cater to any craving, our food alongside our signature coffee, ensures an unforgettable ST. ALi experience,” Daniel Dobra shared. Completing this sensory experience is the cafe’s unique design, conceived by the award-winning Australian architecture studio MORQ (AD100) with the interior crafted by Melbourne-based Fivefold. Influenced by the distinct aesthetic of filmmaker Wes Anderson, the cafe boasts an eclectic mix of terracotta, marble, and bare concrete, set against warm hues and textures, creating a stylish yet welcoming space for visitors.

With this venture, ST. ALi is not only set to captivate the palates of its guests but also offer a slice of Melbourne’s rich coffee culture in the heart of Bali. Visitors can look forward to indulging in an array of culinary delights, from sumptuous brunches to exquisite Aussie-themed desserts, all while enveloped in an atmosphere that exudes comfort and style. For those eager to take home a piece of this experience, a selection of merchandise and premium food and drink products will be available for purchase. Reservations for this much-anticipated locale can be made through Whatsapp at +62 811-3941-6656, with more information available on the website.

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