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Beyond Cinema are hosting a Baz Luhrmann-inspired Great Gatsby shindig at Curzon Hall Sydney

Gatsby 2

Think iconic Sydney mansion, immersive acting performances, live music, fireworks, jazz, swing, burlesque, the Charleston and the finest Tanqueray gin. Just like a party from the hit Great Gatsby movie with all the bell ‘n’ whistles the Beyond Cinema ‘The Great Gatsby’ party is taking place on 19 August in Sydney and everyone is invited (if you get a ticket). You can grab tickets for yourself right here, but it mostly involves enjoying a three-course meal at the dining table in Gatsby’s Grand Dining Hall with plenty of Tanqueray gin cocktails, Gatsby glamour and mobster bootlegging as you fancy. What a gas. It’s going to be on heck of an opulent affair, as the realisation of Baz Luhrmann’s stunning take on the movie come to actual life around you. The party will star three new gin bars from Tanqueray, offer you the chance to see and be seen at the central Tanqueray bar in Gatsby’s Dining Hall, drink Tanqueray Gin Fresh Apple Martinis, or find yourself sipping on a Tanqueray Signature Gin & Tonic at one of two outdoor bars set in Curzon Hall’s meticulous landscaped garden surrounds. You can even see how they mixed moonshine back then with New Jersey mob at the Speak Easy – a cellar-based prohibition-style bar below the grand banquet hall. Now the ultimate question… Will you see Baz? Clearly you have to find out. Beyond Cinema and Tanqueray Present: The Great Gatsby Sun, Aug 19, 2018, 7:00 PM – Mon, Aug 20, 2018, 10:30 PM AEST 53 Agincourt Road Marsfield, NSW… Read More