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Get cheap drinks at Gin Lane for World Gin Day this Saturday

Gin Lane light bulb moment cocktail

If there was ever a bar any drinker – let alone a gin drinker – needs to go to, it’s Gin Lane on Kensington Street in Chippendale. Not only is it the ideal destination for any flatteringly mood-lit date night, but in honour of World Gin Day this week, it’s serving-up some cheap bevs for everything for a specially extended 7-hour ‘happy hour’ from 12-7pm this Saturday. Gin Lane Classic G&T’s – The Cucumber G&T and Spiced G&T will be on offer for half the going rate (at $7 each) to celebrate. Additionally, they will be launching a brand new show-stopping drink, The Lightbulb Moment (pic above) served in a light bulb and charged with prosecco and liquid nitrogen, a secret they’ve been working on especially. Check out more over here.

Gin Lane cocktail bar does dark and broody well with 3 words: gin on tap

Gin Lane cocktail front

There are few places in Sydney you can walk into and immediately add to your ‘must return’ list. Gin Lane on Kensington Street is one of them. It’s dark, it’s broody, it’s cosy, it’s creative and comes complete with gin and tonic on tap to make their signature raison d’être as easy to pump out as they are to drink. Gin Lane is the baby of Grant Collins, the charistmatic Englishman whose penchant for not only drinking, but doing it well gave rise to his latest project, giving first dates and casual friendly catch-ups a new home in Sydney’s inner south. As the name suggests, they do gin. But added into some of the most elaborate cocktails you’d never have thought of. Want something classic, yeah, they do that; want something with a bit of a coastal flavour, yeah they’ve got that covered with the ‘Mediterranean’ cocktail of gin mare, rosemary and thyme, or if you want something served out of a light bulb, that, too, is a thing. In fact, the light bulb cocktail – their secret entrant into a competition later this year for World Gin Day in 9 June – isn’t even on the menu yet, so now’s the time to try and offer-up your praise… or condolences, depending on your palette. The staff are knowledgable, the vibe is pleasant the the storeys are two, meaning if the thoroughfare of the first floor aren’t for you, a cosy nook upstairs, complete with velvet chairs and mood lighting are super to keep you happy…. Read More