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Anna Flanagan explores Esquared; the new fitness app for anywhere you are

Esquared Anna Flanagan 2

I was a little hesitant attending my first ‘App launch’ on Wednesday night. And safe to say I really didn’t know what to expect. The launch was for ‘eSquared’, a fitness app that shows you where all the classes are in your area. For example you press on ‘Pilates’ and on a map it pops up with the sessions around you, and how much each one costs. So rather than searching the internet for what is near you- it’s like the Airbnb for fitness classes and it is brand new to Australia. You may have heard of the General Manager, Drew Mitchell, he is a rugby legend in his own right and is forging a successful commentating career since his retirement from professional sport last year. I spoke to the former Wallaby about the App and he said ‘after being in the team gym and having been told what to do my whole life, I prefer classes because I don’t have to think about what to do.’ I wholeheartedly agree with Drew! I have trained myself my whole life but when walking into a gym without a program I lift a bit of this, squat a few of those, and generally just waste a lot of time. Classes for a lot of us are the way to go- also having people around and motivation from instructors for me makes the whole experience that much better. The launch itself was held at a trendy warehouse in Roseberry, where on the walk in you could hear dance… Read More