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Kickstart your workout with the new Swisse active range

Swisse Active

Fitness peeps, listen up because you’ll want a piece of this! Swisse has recently launched Swisse Active, an all-new science-led sports nutrition range that includes products such as convenient powder formulas created to be mixed with water for on-the-go consumption.  The range is designed for everyday athletes looking to elevate their health and fitness by boosting performance at every stage of every workout. On top of that, it’s low in sugar and suitable for vegans! The formulas come in three variations: Prepare – with green tea and B vitamins; Perform – with electrolytes and beetroot, and Recover – with magnesium and BCAAs.  Prepare to kick-start your physical activity with an energy boost: Formulated with ingredients such as green tea, guarana, and B vitamins to deliver an energy boost prior to physical activity and support sustained energy levels. Also contains gingko and ginseng. RRP $25, 15 sachets per box. Perform during your workout with optimal hydration support: Provides a performance boost during physical ac- tivity electrolytes, including magnesium to support muscular function and reduce fatigue. Contains beetroot and maca root. RRP $25, 15 sachets per box. Recover with a post-workout replenishment after physical activity: Supports the recovery and replenishment stage following exercise with magnesium for muscle function and health. Also contains essential BCAAs, and turmeric. RRP $25, 15 sachets per box. Each product is conveniently colour-coded for easy identification and selection, so it can be effortlessly incorporated into a busy lifestyle. And remember, the powder sachets are to be consumed in conjunction with a nutritious diet… Read More