Lonely Planet’s new travel quiz book will test you

Girl backpack travel photo

While you may have been to Nice, the Isle of Greece and sipped champagne on a yacht, doesn’t mean you’re the world’s foremost travel guru. Or, does it? There’s only one way to find out and that’s with Lonely Planet’s newest piece, the Ultimate Travel Quiz book. “This book is billed as a ‘travel’ quiz, […]

The Peninsula hotel, Hong Kong: Have dinner inside a work of art

Peninsula Hong Kong

If ever you’ve wanted to have dinner inside a piece of art, then this might be for you. Even if not, it’s a cool experience. The Peninsula Hong Kong is the city’s most iconic luxury hotel, famous for its high tea and amazing dining experiences, has created the artwork as part of their new art […]

Top tech for the next time you travel

Man phone outside bike

Picture this: You’re in Paris. You’re at the base of the Eiffel Tower. You look up and see how tall it stands, how massive it actually is and impressive it would look on your Instagram. You go to grab your phone to take a quick photo, but the battery’s dead and you won’t be home […]

You can officially spend the night inside The Louvre museum in Paris

Louvre Airbnb 2

If you’re a Night At The Museum fan or fantasised about being ‘trapped’ in a shopping centre after hours, then get ready for the latest news out of AirBnB: a sleepover in Paris’ most famous art gallery and museum, The Louvre. This once in a lifetime opportunity is truly, well, once in a lifetime. To […]

No1 Airport Lounges open The House in Melbourne and Sydney International Airports

No1 Melbourne Bar

No longer do you need to be basic find yourself sitting outside of the luxury of the the flight lounges at Melbourne and Sydney airports like the proverbial naughty puppy dog left out in the rain. No1 Lounges have opened in Sydney and Melbourne International Airports, giving all manner of travellers access to something to […]

Where to stay in Covent Garden, London: The Nadler boutique hotel

The Nadler Covent Garden - Exterior daytime

Any visit to London isn’t complete without a visit to Covent Garden. The site of music, food, fashion, entertainment for decades, its got its own long list of reason to visit, other than hospitality, but it’s definitely the latest hotel on the block, The Nadler Covent Garden, that gives any tourist – first timer or […]

Bhutan’s 3 new luxury lodges just raised the bar: Timphu, Paro and Punakha

Timphu balcony view

Bhutan’s three new lodges by Six Senses are stunning and contribute to the country’s Gross National Happiness philosophy.

Staycation in Sydney: The Sheraton Grand Sydney on Hyde Park

Sheraton Hotel foyer

There are few places in Sydney that offer top notch accommodation, right in the middle of town with views that only the Kardashians can afford. And that’s the Sheraton Grand Hyde Park Sydney. it’s just had a massive renovation so fresh, the carpet still has bounce, each room has a bath, almost every room has […]

First timer’s guide to European memory-making with the Nikon Z6

Eiffel Tower

Europe’s massive and stuff to see is kind of endless, depending on what you’re into. From the Eiffel Tower, Alexanderplatz, the Berlin Wall, the Louvre, Buckingham Palace – it goes on and on, but it’s how you decide to tackle it and the memories you decide to make that really sets each trip apart. And […]

Queensland’s most spectacular beaches

Queensland beach

In a state with an area of 1,852,642 km², travellers will find themselves in tropical utopia when in Queensland. The state is home to the most spectacular areas of natural beauty, with over 25,000km of incredible coastline to enjoy and more than 10,000 breathtaking beaches to explore. Since the number of stunning beaches can be […]

Brexit be damned, Eurail lets you train it to England for cheaper

Eurail France

Eurail turns 60 in 2019 and to celebrate, they’re changing how you do Europe when you next travel. By sucking up the UK, Macedonia and Lithuania into their connected rails, Eurail has cast its net far and wide for everyone who’s wanting to go from the east to the west of Europe and beyond from […]

Travellers’ guide to Perth’s best beaches


Perth is home to some of the best beaches in the world, which explains why it is a major tourist destination that draws millions of domestic and international visitors each year. Of all the major cities in Australia, Perth has the highest number of sunny days, providing the perfect weather to take a quick dip […]