Finland is the happiest place in the world

Locals in Helsinki enjoying the sea, nature and sauna on the island of Lonna. Photo: Julia Kivelä, Visit Finland.

For the seventh consecutive year, Finland has been crowned the world’s happiest country, according to the latest World Happiness Report published on Wednesday, 20 March 2024. This commendation has the entire nation buzzing with pride, especially the residents of its capital, Helsinki, who are keen to share the secrets of their contentment with the world. Mayor Juhana Vartiainen and Helsinki’s citizens attribute their happiness to a variety of factors, including excellent public services like daycare, education, and healthcare, as well as easy access to cultural and natural experiences. A prime example of such investment in communal well-being and future happiness is the new Museum of Architecture and Design being planned in Helsinki.

A recent survey conducted by Taloustutkimus revealed that the residents of Helsinki are remarkably satisfied with their lives, with 88% of respondents expressing contentment. Factors contributing to this high satisfaction rate include the city’s proximity to the sea, its rich art and cultural scene, safety, green spaces, and notably, its efficient public transport system, which facilitates easy access to these happiness sources. The small joys of daily life, such as enjoying ice cream by the city’s extensive shoreline, indulging in a sauna session, or exploring museums and flea markets with friends, play a significant role in the residents’ happiness.

Highlighting Helsinki’s welcoming nature and multicultural vibe, the city, along with Visit Finland and Helsinki Partners, is inviting international guests to experience the “Helsinki Happiness Hacks” firsthand. This June, visitors have the opportunity to discover the city’s unique approach to happiness through a campaign encouraging them to immerse themselves in local happiness-inducing activities. Lena Salmi, a 70-year-old skateboarder who embodies the spirit of Helsinki with her love for the sea, skateboarding, and a tight-knit community, is just one of the so-called Helsinki Happiness Hackers ready to share her joys with visitors. Those interested in experiencing these unique happiness hacks can participate in a social media challenge and sign up on the campaign website by 4 April 2024 to join this extraordinary exploration of joy in Helsinki.

Feature image: Locals in Helsinki enjoying the sea, nature and sauna on the island of Lonna. Photo: Julia Kivelä, Visit Finland.